Welcome Baby Soleil!

Congrats Laura and Shannon!!
on the arrival of your beautiful little girl, Soleil Elise! She decided to grace their presence a few weeks early, arriving around 2am on the 19th of March. Yes, that's my birthday, too, so I got quite the present!

Soleil arrived happy, healthy, and alert! With the help of Shannon, her doula and midwife, Laura was able to push through the labor pains and have a natural birth! I am so jealous! From what Shannon has told me, the doula and midwife were a wonderful combo, helping with any and everything even before labor, offering classes and any advice they could give. I encourage any mother-to-be to get a doula! I will get the info from Shannon and Laura if anyone is in the Athens (Georgia) area and interested. They had nothing but good things to say about the midwife and doula.

Welcome to our world, Soleil! We can't wait to come for a visit and finally get to see you! Don't grow up too quickly, though I know you will! They always do!

Here's a link to Soleil's blog. Talk about a technologically advanced baby! The birthing story is definitely worth a read. I love reading about each couple's experiences since they are always unique. There are also lots of adorable pictures and updates!


shannon said...

thanks for the sweet post!

i plan to write something later about how awesome it was to have a doula.

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