Prefold Perfection!

When my box from The Natural Baby arrived the other day, I received several items, but was most excited about the prefolds. I tried them once or twice before with Liam, but as a newborn he absolutely hated diaper changes so, prefolds were not a good option at that time. Now that he is a bit older and actually enjoys a fresh dipe, I thought we'd give them another go.
First, I gave them all a good intro washing (about 3 heavy washes) to make them nice and fluffy. Then, with snappi in hand, I was prepared to give it a try. Rebecca, from TNB, had previously shown me how to snappi them on and I was hoping I retained some part of that instruction, but as I sat in the floor with Liam, the poor boy waited and waited as I snappi'ed the prefold loosely together again and again. Grrr! I did note that even when they were a little loose around the legs, my thirsties covers still held in the pee very well, but I strive for perfection!
Where do I go to find out how to put together a prefold masterpiece? YouTube, of course! There are several ways to put together a prefold.

After watching a video via YouTube, I went back to experimenting on poor Liam. To my surprise, over the next few days I perfected my prefold! Woo!
My thoughts on prefolds?
Love them!! My mom used these on my 30 years ago and, with all the new cloth diapers available, I got diaper fever, wanting to try all of the expensive brands, but what was I thinking? Liam has yet to leak from a prefold, which is more than I can say for some of the other CDs. They are cheap and affordable (from $1-3), work very well, and clean faster and more efficiently in the wash. Oh, and they dry faster than the AIOs and Pocket dipes, too! I haven't found anything negative about them yet except that my husband won't go near them. I am just getting him on the CD bandwagon so, I think it will take a bit longer to get him to try prefolds.
Prefolds do take some practice, but it's really rewarding when you figure them out. It's a great feeling knowing you have mastered yet another part of mamahood, you know?
Have you tried prefolds? If not, why? If so, what has been your experience? Positive/negative?


Buzzfloyd said...

Snappis are called Nappy Ninjas in the UK and I can't get my head round them at all.

I started with AIOs and pocket nappies because I knew that I'd never give it a go if I didn't make it feel totally easy. Of course, as soon as I'd started with real nappies, I wanted to branch out and have tried several different kinds. I think now I'd be prepared to have a go at prefolds and Nappy Ninjas! But I needed the easy entry option to get me to do it at all.

earthlymama said...

I felt the exact same way. i started experimenting with cloth diapers when josiah was over a year old so, i didn't even think about prefolds. i just assumed they were too much work and wouldnt work well compared to all the other cloth diapers. now that i feel comfy with cds, i felt i should branch out, too. :) give it a try and let me know what u think. :) i like the name nappy ninjas much better. how cute!!

D said...

I think prefolds are great for the newborn stage, since you don't want to spend tons of money when you need like 12 diapers a day! I've been hesitant to try them on a wiggly 8 month old, though!

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