Top Ten Tuesday

I have stolen this idea from another blogging mama, Danielle. Hope you don't mind, but I think it is a great idea and I plan to make a list each Tuesday.
Although each and every day of my life has become an adventure, having a 2 (almost 3!!) year old and a now 6 month old under one roof, I've also noticed a bit of monotony. Not he boring type of monotony, mind you. The type when the actions of the children repeat themselves or I say the same thing I just said the day before. Dare I say I have a routine? I won't go that far, but here are the top 10 things said on an almost daily basis:

10. "Play cars, Mama!" The boy is obsessed with cars, to say the least.
9. Liam's face completely lights up as soon as Josiah graces us with his presence around 10am every morning! He can barely make it 2 hrs without him! Then he continues to babble for the next 30 minutes, surely telling Josiah all the torture I've put him through.
8. What Josiah wants to eat for lunch every day: "a turkey sammich and go-fish", of course! Every day!!
7. Liam finds his Mama (or her face) so hilarious that he laughs himself into having hiccups.
6. I get whacked by a flying piece of playdoh, paint, or some other mess-making object. Josiah says,"Oh, sorry!" At least the boy has manners... sometimes.
5. Josiah says,"I'm prince charming. Go to sleep and snore!" After watching Snow White a week ago, he wants everyone to fein sleep only to be awakened by his smooch!
4. "Josiah, what are you doing in there?" His response: "Nothing!! Stay in there!"
3. Me: Nap time! Josiah: That's okay, I'm not tired.
2. "Where's Eman? Let's go get him!" Josiah can't stand when Liam is sleeping and waits impatiently to hear his first cry. Then, he springs from his chair and runs to his rescue. :)
1. Josiah says, "I wuv you sooo much!" I couldn't wait until he was old enough to tell me this and I absolutely love it.
Any ideas out there about future top ten lists? It's harder to come up with than I thought. :) Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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