Cloth Wipe Solution Idea #2

Well, Josiah liked my first solution so much that he emptied it out in a bowl to "make soup". Lovely! I am amazed at how much energy a toddler puts into getting containers open and how much energy we parents put into keeping them out of containers only to inevitably fail! At least with these solutions, I know they are organic and will not harm little fingers, unlike the spray bleach cleaner I found earlier in the kitchen and disposed of very promptly.
Without further ado, here is solution #2, using Dr. Bronner's soap. I liked tea tree oil, but wanted to make something without the pepperminty smell that it has to offer. I like lavender!
Double Lavender Surprise
2-3 cups Water
2 Tablespoons Baby Magic Lavender Chamomile Baby Wash
1 Tablespoon Dr. Bronner's Lavender Oil Soap
1 Chamomile tea Bag
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
I put the tea bag in one cup of water and heated to a boil, letting it steep a few minutes. Then I added it to the rest of the mixture. Shake well!
I wasn't exactly sure about how much Dr. Bronner's to use since I'd only used the peppermint kind to make an organic ant spray last year (that worked very well, by the way). Anywho, it foamed up like crazy, but once it settled, it was fine. It does not break-out Liam at all and it smells yummy! Next time I am going to use pure lavender oil if I can get my hands on some. I added an extra cup of water to this one to make the foam lessen a bit so, I have a feeling this is going to last a while unless Josiah gets his little monkey paws on it again!
If you have any cloth wipe recipes, feel free to post! I'd love to try out some new ideas!


Buzzfloyd said...

I'm paying close attention to these recipes to get some ideas! Did the other one work well?

earthlymama said...

both of the ones i have made worked very well and smell great. They dont break out liam either, which is really surprising due to his very sensitive skin. I just bought some dr. bronners almond oil soap so, I can't wait to whip up he next batch!! :) We still have a way to go on what we have, though. It definitely goes a long way each time we make some... as long as I keep it out of reach. I've actually started using the spray to clean up small messes, too, like when Josiah gets paint or markers on the floor or the couch since it smells so good. It's a great cleaner!

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