Jumping On the Green Bandwagon: Clorox Green Works

When you live 30 miles from the nearest organic market, you struggle to find "green" cleaning items unless ordering online. So, you head to your local grocery store and scout out the cheap items claiming to be "green" or "natural". I, too, am guilty of doing this and often find out the hard way that these items are not always what they seem.
Case & Point: Clorox GreenWorks

It looks so appealing in the green and white bottle, says it's green, says it's natural, and even has a picture of a flower! GreenWorks also has a variety of other cleaning goods on the market, some of which I have purchased and have honestly worked well.

The problem? Upon closer inspection, you will see that these "natural" products are only partially natural. The GreenWorks sprays say they are 95% natural and even have a warning label that they are irritants... hmm. It's an irritant, BUT it's nonallergenic? What kind of sense does this make?

I had a coupon for the detergent so, I went ahead purchased a bottle. I used Planet detergent previously on my cloth diapers and was trying out different detergents to compare since it was a bit expensive. I tried GW once, then again... but I still smelled poo! I absolutely hate cleaning cloth diapers all day only for them to smell like pee and poo. Ugh, what a let-down. After doing a little online research, I found out that GreenWorks is not a good choice to clean cloth diapers because it has enzymes. Like I said, sometimes you just have to find out through your own experiences.

Lesson learned? Always read the labels thouroughly! Don't be tempted to throw something in your cart just because it's cheap and claims to be natural! Save your money and pay a little more for something worth the price!


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