Potty Training Update

Josiah is definitely keeping up with the potty training! I think it's because I told him a few weeks ago that he had to be potty trained if he wanted to go to preschool. He wants to go to school so badly that I think he'd do just about anything. He even has his backpack that he carries around everywhere!

I can tell that he's getting the hang of using the potty and it is interesting to watch him progress. He has gone from peeing in his diapers and not being able to stop, going to the potty a bit too late, to now starting to pee, stopping, and finishing in the potty! When he pees in the potty 2 times, I change him into his Thomas the Train big boy pants, which he loves. He's been on a clothing boycott, tearing off pants and diapers whenever he can so, this is at least one piece of clothing I can get him to keep on! So, if you have noticed me posting facebook pictures lately of a pantless Josiah, this is why! I can't keep them on the boy to save my life. Oh well! As long as we are inside, it really doesn't matter. Anywho, I made a mistake the first day he wore his Thomas undies, telling him to pull them down and go to the potty to pee when he needed to. I totally forgot to mention what to do in case of poo poo! Doh! That wasn't fun to clean up. Today, he wore his undies again and had an accident in the kitchen, but he stopped himself, ran past me telling me to clean up the floor, and sat on the potty to finish! That's my big boy!

Last night I could barely get Josiah in the bed. Note to future potty training parents: There will be days where you run to the potty about every 5 minutes! Since Josiah has learned how to control his bladder, he wants to use the potty as soon as he feels even the slightest need to go. Last night he went to the potty about 5 times before I finally got him to sleep. Oh, and the silly boy has seen his Papa read on the potty so, he told me he needed a book and a magazine last night. I got a really cool toy catalogue in the mail recently that he loves to look through so, he keeps it in the bathroom beside his potty now. That cracked me up! Who knew the potty reading started at such a young age!?! lol

It's Potty Time!


Buzzfloyd said...

Good little man! In my opinion, potty reading is the height of civilisation. ;-)

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