Cloth Diapering Pt.1: Not Your Mama's Diapers

When I first told my family and friends I planned to use cloth diapers (CDs) on Liam their response was complete shock. I got a few laughs and others believed I'd give up after a few smelly poos, but the complete opposite occurred. I fell in love with the cloth!

Many people automatically assume modern CDs are the same as when we were kids, those awfully thin, leaky birdseye diapers pinned around your heiny. Well, those still exist, but are now used as burp cloths/wipes. For those of you who know little about CD'ing and want to learn more, this article is for you! Looking at CDs for the 1st time can be a bit overwhelming so, sit back, take a deep breath and we'll start from the very beginning.

Basic Cloth Diapering Systems
All-In-One Diapers (AIO): These one of the easiest types of diapers to use. The outer layer is a waterproof cover to hold all the pee and poo in while the inside is made of several absorbent layers to suck up all the moisture. Since everything is sewn together and completely attached, you just put it on your baby, velcro/snap it shut, and baby is good to go. When it's time for a diaper change, just take the dipe off and throw it in your wet bag or diaper pail. These come in several all sizes, including one-size that you can adjust to fit your baby at any age/weight range!

Pocket CDs: These are most similar to AIOs, though instead of the absorbent inner layers being attached to the waterproof cover, you can add the layers, called inserts, into a pocket on the inside of the diaper. This way you can put more or less layers, depending on how much absorbency your baby needs. These come in several sizes also.
Fitted Diaper with Cover System: Fitted diapers are shaped just like AIO dipes, but without the waterproof cover attached. The cover is a separate piece put on after the fitted diaper. Fitted diapers are usually fluffier and provide more absorbency. Fitteds do not come in a one-size so, more must be purchased each time your baby goes up a size.

Prefolds with Cover System: These are most similar to the old-school diapers you may remember and the most economical, but they are difficult to master. Modern prefold absorbency is much higher than birdseye cloth. You can pin them or use a snappi if you are worried about pinning yourself or the baby! The prefolds found in chain stores are not the type you want to use. You'll find quality prefolds (indian, chinese, etc) at a specialty store or online. Covers are also worn over prefolds.                                                        

I hope this was at least somewhat informative for everyone. If you have any questions please let me know. CDs are one of my favorite subjects at the moment! :)


shannon said...

easy as pie.

The Sukut's said...

I think prefolds are quite easy actually! After a few days I got the hang of it and can do it as fast as a disposable! Yay! We found great deals online after shopping for WEEKS...on covers too.

earthlymama said...

That's great! I was so scared of prefolds at first. I bought mine at thenaturalbaby.com in her store and she showed me how to diaper a teddy bear. lol. well, diapering a newborn was a little different, but now that i have the hang of it, i like them, too! not to mention they are super cheap. :) thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...
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