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I remember when I was a kid, we played from the moment we finished breakfast until the sun went down and my Mama called us in for dinner. Looking at all the hilarious Stand Up For Family videos sponsored by American Family Insurance, I really related to Bill Bellamy's Street Lights routine. Just like him, my Mama would say, "Go outside and play! Go on!" and we didn't come back until the street lights came on or she called us in for dinner. We always, always had to stay exactly where she could see us, too, or we would get in so much trouble when she found us. Talk about embarrassing!

I love stand-up comedy, but most of it these days seems to have language that is inappropriate for younger kids. The Stand Up For Family comedy is something the family can enjoy together! It's something both parents and children can relate to and share a good laugh. It's important for kids and parents to bond and these videos are a great way to sit down and enjoy time together.

Watching all the videos by Bill Bellamy, Rodney Perry, Mark Viera, Donnell Rawlings and Tony Roberts talk about their own lives and experiences, I was so nostalgic about my childhood, our old house, and living at home with my parents. It's a reminder of just how important family is to me. I want to give my children the same wonderful memories I had as a child, a life they can look back on and smile.

Take a moment to check out the Stand Up For Family Comedy Special clips on the AmFam website from the links above. It's time you had a good laugh and, believe me, you definitely will!

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Danielle @ "We Have It All" said...

These guys were funny! I watched them with my kids and my son actually laughed at these guys. Bill Bellamy was my favorite. I totally played outside until the street lights came on!! I can SO relate to these guys and I'm glad my kids would watch too. It's not very often kids can watch comedians these days.

Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love watching comedians, but so many are full of foul language and sexual references so kids can't enjoy them too. Oh and I totally remember playing outside til it got dark..... those were the days!

Skye said...

My husband is always watching comedians- that the kids so can not watch. Half the "Jokes" people only laugh at because there is horrible cuss words, or sex jokes combined.
Glad to find a few that are kid friendly. Thanks!!

Tree said...

I am a comedy show junkie. LOL I love stand up comedians.. but yeah, sometimes they can get a bit raunchy. I did love the Street Lights bit though. :)

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