Made With Love Sponsor Spotlight: Tend-A-Tot Premiere 6 -In- One Magical Shape Shifter Baby Tote

I was so excited to win a Tend-A-Tot giveaway during Blog Bash. It's something I'd wanted to try for so very long and finally had one! This amazing little contraption comes all folded up and looks almost like a baby blanket, but it's so much more than that. As soon as you take it out, you can immediately see all of the uses and, if you are like me, you won't be able to resist giving it a try right away!

About the Tend-A-Tot
A sophisticated baby bag with a true sense of style and function. The Tend-A-Tot™ 6-in-1 childcare product provides Nurture, Safety, Comfort, Security, Mobility, Ease of Care and privacy while feeding, plus keeps baby off surfaces in public places. Surround your child with a familiar pattern and "fragrance", right from the start! The Tend-A-Tot™ creates a comfort zone in that strange or new environment, when shopping, dining, visiting or traveling!

What can the Tend-A-Tot do?
As a 6-In-One product, it provides many of the things all parents need, including:
1. Diaper Bag
2. Child Carrier
3. Insta-Chair (an on-the-go instant high-chair that safely straps baby in)
4. Stroller Upgrade
5. Shopping Cart Cover
6. Highchair Comfort

My Thoughts
Southwest Folk A
I received my Tend-A-Tot Premiere just before going to the beach and boy was I excited. There are so many different fabrics from which to choose that I had a hard time picking just one. I finally decided on the Southwest Folk Art print. We usually fill our car with baby items- high chair, baby carrier, baby wrap, diaper bag, etc., etc. Since the Tend-A-Tot actually magically turns into several of these items, we really cut down on all the junk piled into the trunk, which meant I could actually see out of the window while driving.

The first thing we used the Tend-A-Tot for was as the Insta-Chair. It's so incredibly easy to hook around the chair and POOF, an instant highchair. It's soft and, when we have company over, I can easily take it off the chair. Liam seems to like the insta-chair better than his old highchair, so it's been put in the basement. He loves being able to be a part of the family at the dinner table instead of being higher up in his chair, on the edge of the table. This was especially helpful when we moved into our new house in August and everything was still in boxes.

At the beach, we also used the baby carrier. I needed a little help with this one since I'm used to a different kind, but once we figured it out, it became easier and easier. It's very soft for babies. In fact, it's almost like they are in a big blanket bag, which is great when baby gets sleepy. The Tend-A-Tot baby carrier feature would be great in cooler weather and I plan on trying it out again very soon since the weather is finally starting to act like fall.

We have also used the baby bag feature, which is amazingly huge! I can fit so much stuff in there. It made for a perfect trip bag and I've also used it as an overnight bag with the kids go over to Grandma's house. I'm able to stuff everything in that they will need.

I have a feeling we will be using our Tend-A-Tot for many years to come.... and many babies! My first thought when I received ours was that it was not only super-soft, but made to last. With all of the babies in our extended family, we'll all be using the Tend-A-Tot and making the most of it. I highly recommend one for all parents and think it's a worthwhile investment. You may think it's a little steep in price, but when you think about all it does and how much you would be paying in total for all 6 of the items, this is a money-saver in addition to a space-saver! We love our Tend-A-Tot!!

Buy It
Purchase a Tend-A-Tot Premier for $195 in a variety of designs!

Win It
Tend-A-Tot is our Made With Love Sponsor! This event begins at 9am in the morning (Tuesday, Nov 8th)! We are participating with over 100 other bloggers, so come back and win some amazing prizes.


Mama on a Green Mission said...

That looks amazing! I am going to check out their site now! I've never heard of these but can see soooo many uses for us with this product! Thanks!!

tendatot said...

OMG! You've even out-done me in describing my creation, the 6-in-1 diaper bag/tote Tend-A-Tot(tm). Thank you so much. I can see that you are utilizing the TAT to its fullest intent. I'd like to add here that my now-7-year-old granddaughter (featured in the photos of the tote) still uses the one I created for her at birth. It comes out of the laundry like new, even after 7 years of daily use - yes, even being dragged around in campgrounds. Warmest REgards and good luck to all who enter here.
Elizabeth VouVakis, Creator of the Tend-A-Tot

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