Rules of the Remote

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

I guess there’s probably a rule that when you are visiting someone else’s house, they’re in charge of the channel you watch on Direct TV, but a girl can dream. I was recently at my parents’ house and was so excited that I got to watch Sunday football on not only a larger television than I have, but also a way better sound system. My parents aren’t really big football fans, but I figured they’d humor me and let me watch a little since they always had the option of recording their shows and watching them later; this is actually what they usually did since they had gotten used to fast-forwarding through commercials. So, I was sitting in the living room with my mom watching one of the games, when my dad came in and sat down. Without saying anything, he slyly took the remote and started up one of his recorded shows without even saying a word. I had hoped that the remote rule had certain exceptions, but I guess I was wrong.


Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

I rarely watch live tv anymore..... fast forwarding commercials is SO much better!

Danielle @ "We Have It All" said...

Ya, that remote rule sucks, haha. I would've pitched a fit for sure. It's just Dad, right?

Skye said...

I so couldnt watch TV no a days with out fast forwarding!!

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