Friendly Debates with the Danielles Weekly Link-Up : Circumcision: Yay or Nay?

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This week's topic:

“Circumcision: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?”

I say NAY to circumcision! I had this done to my first son and saw what a barbaric practice this really is. It's not necessary and puts baby in so much pain. Every time they use the bathroom, they scream. Every time you give them a bath, they cry. It's hard to watch and I learned my lesson. I couldn't stand to ever see my little boys in so much pain again due to my own decisions.

When Liam was born he was not circumcised. Family members asked repeatedly when we would get the deed done and I kept telling them we weren't going to do it. Questions and more questions, but we stood with our convictions and Liam is not circumcised. At two years old, he is a happy healthy boy. We've never had any infections like they all said we would. He's never had any issues and never had to be in needless pain either. My husband didn't need much convincing of this, as he knew the facts, too... and medical evidence points to the same thing I believe- there's no evidence that circumcision is needed.

So, what do you think?


Danielle from Happenings of the Harper Household said...

Thanks for linking up with us Roxanne! I totally agree with you - this is not medically necessary, it's a cosmetic decision that is not the parents choice to make.

Karla said...

I completely agree with you. My son who is 9 is not circumcised and has not had any issues.

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