Hearthsong Folding Trampoline Review

 With the winter months finally here and snow fast approaching, we spend more and more time indoors! This means two little boys with a ton of energy, trapped indoors and one Mama going insane. That's why I have been searching for great toys that can be used indoors and that help kids burn off some of that energy. We love Hearthsong and all of their fun, educational and artistic. We received the Folding Trampoline to review and I couldn't wait to try this one out!

About the Folding Trampoline
A great outlet for kids' energy, this space-saving trampoline can be folded up and hidden under a bed. Just fold the legs into the heavy-duty nylon mesh base, attach the bungee cords and tuck it away.

One of the safest trampolines around, with slip-proof feet; padded covers protect little feet from sliding into the bungee cord openings, and the padded handle adds an extra measure of security.

Use it indoors or out; both bounce mat and finish are waterproof

Weight up to 60 pounds. Adult Supervision is recommended while this item is in use. Sorry, gift wrap is not available.
For ages 3 and up. 

My Thoughts
As soon as the boys saw this trampoline, they couldn't wait to give it a try. In fact, this is something Josiah has wanted for quite a while. As soon as I quickly assembled the item, they were ready to expend some of that energy!

You know how some toys lose their excitement after a day or so? The Folding Trampoline is definitely not in that category! This toy is something they come back to every single day not only once, but usually twice or more. We do arts & crafts each day as well as imaginative play, but they get the most exercise from their Folding Trampoline. I tried a fun workout routine for the kids, but they never got into it. Luckily, we have the Folding Trampoline!

You can purchase the Folding Trampoline on Hearthsong for only $79.98! This is a gift any child would love to receive as a holiday present. Let us know if you purchase one!

Check back soon for our Hearthsong Gift Credit Giveaway for the Holiday Gift Guide!


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