Top 10 Ways To Make Your On-The-Go Life Easier & More Efficient

There is something to be said about a vacation with two children, especially when you really aren't prepared. That's why we always take time to plan out our trips before they happen. I know you can't predict everything, but at least we can be somewhat ready for anything that comes our way! We just got back from the beach and with each vacation comes an educational lesson of something we did wrong. Phew! Yes, there is always at least one thing we regretted doing or learned to avoid the next time. Without further ado, here's my list of 10 Tips For Making Life Easier & More Efficient While On The Go!

1. Wake Up! Maybe this isn't true for everyone, but I need my cup of coffee or iced latte in the morning! My new fav right now is Seattle's Best. They have an awesome canned Iced Latte that is great for on-the-go. I can keep it in the diaper bag and whip it out in the car while driving down the road! Yum!

 2. Plan It Out- Going on a trip? Take time to plan out a few things and prepare for possibilities. What will the weather be like? Keep in mind possible changes in weather like rain or snow. If you make a list of what you need, chances are you will forget much less than usual. lol!

3. Where are we going? I love having a computer. Just take some time to research where you are going, what you and the family would enjoy doing, and go from there! Even if you are just going to a store, what's the best/fastest route?

4. Make Sure You Get Some Sleep! The best thing to do before a day on the go is to get some sleep. I have to get at least 7 hours when traveling. Otherwise, I am not all there and not at my best for driving. The same goes for children. Nothing is worse than a sleepy grouchy kiddo when you have a full day ahead.

 5. Don't Shop Til You Drop! Okay, shopping with children is a chore. No longer are the days when you could shop all day. Eck! Go in the morning (the with kids) or later at night (if they aren't with you) because there will be so many less people! Make a list of what you need, organize those coupons and set out on your mission. It can save so much time!

6. What's More Important! I am a big fan of lists. In addition to the lists of things to pack and things to buy, make your master list of things you need to do for the day. Then, put them in order of importance. This way you can get the essentials out of the way first and do the other things later... or the next day!

7. Don't Forget to Eat! Take a moment to stop and breathe! Get your coffee (Iced Latte!), sandwich, or just something to replenish your system and keep you going. This way you aren't totally exhausted and feeling like you might bite someone's head off... like the poor cashier who can't find the price for your items.

8. Keep the kids entertained! You need to keep the kids happy,but how? Do you have a dvd player in the car? We don't, but if you do, DVDs are a must. We keep our Yo Gabba Gabba cds in the car and I always pack some toys for the go. They can play with them in the cart at the store and in the car.

9. Have the kids ready in time! I may get a gasp for this, but I have been known to get the kids ready the night before, especially the baby. I give them baths at night and, for Liam, I just dress him in a little one-piece. That way he is ready to go in the morning. One less thing I need to do, for sure! It's harder to do for a toddler, but at least he can get up, brush his teeth, and do some things on his own. :)

10. Get the Grandparents!! When all else fails, call the grandparents. They love their grandkids and you love to let them visit. Admit it, you love it! We all need a break and, let's face it, we get 10x as much done in a day when the kids are somewhere else... even for just a few hours!

I'm sure there are many, many tips I could add to this. They chance every time I go out or on vacation. I think it really depends on the person, the kids, and the family, for sure. Shoot, just last week we learned that it's much better for us to make an 8 hour trip all at once! No stopping halfway for us at a hotel with a strange crib and setting for the baby. None of us got any sleep at all. Never again! LOL! What about you? What are your must-do ways to prepare for a day on the go?

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