Bilingual Me Chinese Language Book Review

Teaching my children multiple languages is very important. Did you know many other countries teach their students at least 2 languanges in addition to their native language? Why should the US be any different? I took German in high school and was supposed to teach in China when the unfortunate outbreak of SARS hit. I was so disappointed because I love the culture and language. I'd love for my children to learn Mandarin.

LOYO Pen for Learning Mandarin ChineseBilingual Me, Inc. has some wonderful language development products that help children not only recognize the Chinese symbols, but also helps them learn the translation. Using the LOYO pen with the My First Words Series of books, children can hear the words pronounced in Mandarin, which helps them associate the words with the included symbol and picture. It combines the senses, which is the best way to learn languge, allowing hands-on interaction.


My Thoughts

I opted to review the My First Words Series books which can be read with or without the LOYO pen. As the parent of a 18 month old, it's become very clear lately that his picture books for first words have been the most significant in his language development. Bright colors and pictures completely transfix him and he could stare at the books all day, reciting the words. The My First Words Series books and LOYO penwork on the very same premise- see, hear and memorize. Each book contains 32 pictures, English translation, Pinyon, and rhymes. The eight books contain some of children's favorite topics, including food, animals, transportation, vegetables and fruits, nature, numbers, colors, shapes, and more!
I have to admit, I need the pen. Since I'm horrible at Mandarin pronounciation, I don't dare try, but they can at least recognize the symbols for now. Let's just say proper pronounciation is a must in China. The books are for ages 3-8 years of age and, with the LOYO pen, they can play games and study the words at their own pace. It's a wonderful, wonderful program and I'm sure it works very well with children.

At these ages are the perfect time to start teaching another language. Children completely absorb everything you are teaching them. Josiah still spits out random German words to me just from hearing it over the years. I highly recommend these books and the LOYO pen!

Buy It
You can buy the LOYO pen on Amazon.com for $98.99 or purchase the LOYO pen along with the 8 books in the My First Words Series for only $128.99! A great price considering other language programs cost nearly $500!

This review was written for Biligual Me in conjunction with Living Your Moment. The product was received in return for my honest review.


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Great review. The earlier the kids start learning other languages, the better! I speak a few words in Spanish and that's it. Maybe the kids and I can learn together :-D

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Now that my airlines is flying to Haneda, I may need to learn a second language. LOL!

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