Fotobounce Digital Photo Management Application Review

I've always enjoyed taking photographs, even before digital cameras! Now that I have children, I snap photos every single day and they add up so quickly. If I don't upload them onto my computer quickly, I easily get overwhelmed with everything and it's just frustrating. In addition, I love showing off pictures of my kids to family and friends through social media websites. This is why I was so excited to learn more about Fotobounce because they offer a solution to the endless clutter of digital photos, can work with social media sites, and keep your privacy in tact!

With Fotobounce, you can not only organize photos in one place with easy access, but you can organize them in amazing ways no I've never seen another program do! Once you download their program onto your computer, you can link it up to picture folders on your computer. It also has the ability to link up with your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr). You can organize your social media site pictures, see and organize your friends' pictures, and share them with each other! Have they tagged you in pictures? You can organize these as well.

Fotobounce also offers an advanced facial recognition technology I've never seen before! As photos are found or imported, you can individually tag the person(s) in each photo. The face recognition technology then teaches Fotobounce who people are and helps automate the tagging process. No need to go picture by picture like on social media sites to tag others! I've already tested this feature out and it worked amazingly well. The new improved version has made the facial recognition faster and more accurate. I can definitely attest to this because it soared through my pictures, tagging them quickly and accurately. Even when the program wasn't sure if they had the right person, it asked just to be sure!

What about safety? I know all of you are concerned about internet security and others seeing pictures of your children. Fotobounce takes that extra step to make sure your info and photos are secure. Unlike photo programs by other social networking sites, where they store and use your face data on their own public servers, the Fotobounce recognition data remains local to your own computer and downloaded program. You can customize and organize your pictures just the way you want them and can easily share and access them at any time. Also, you can choose who to add to your network, which means you can easily control who gets to see your pictures, too.

As a Mama who loves to share pictures of her kids with family members and friends, I want a photo program that can not only keep my photos organized and in one place, but safe and secure. It's nice to know there is somewhere like this existing for parents and photo-lovers! I'm seriously addicted to Fotobounce now.

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