DaGeDar Racing Game Toys Review & Giveaway

My kids love balls, marbles and any kind of object that rolls and bounces. Easily amused? I wish! It takes something colorful and unique to really hold their attention, something like DaGeDar. Created by the same people who brought us ZhuZhu Pets, DaGeDar is a simple game of speed and skill that is sure to keep kids entertained. The game involves oversized marbles that can be shot with launchers and tracks.

Josiah was so excited when this package arrived, all spray painted and looking cool before we even got into it. He knew it was for him! We received a Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway, Vortex Spinner & Collectible Ball, and a Rapid Fire Power Launcher. We put the Raceway together and started playing. Even my husband had to take some turns. This isn't a simple game of just dropping a ball. No, you learn ways to drop the ball, angle the ball, and must use skill and strategy to get your ball to the end of the track first and to win races. 

The balls are also decorated with different faces and graphics, which are supposed to represent aliens, robots, warriors and more. Each ball has it's own personality with bright colors that make them fun and collectible. I see this becoming very popular with kids ages 8-12 as a game and a collectible. They'll be trading with each other and racing in between classes before you know it. I originally got this for my nephew, who is 11, but even my 4 year old caught on very quickly and had a blast.

I only have two issues with this toy. The first is that these balls are hard, so if they are thrown they can definitely hurt a small child and/or bust a window. They can pop off the track, but they aren't going fast enough to do any harm. I'm more concerned with they are in a younger child's hands. lol! Secondly, the track was no fun to set up! The directions weren't exactly helpful, but I'm not very good at setting up things like this anyways. Once I got it together I didn't want it to come apart again. I considered super-gluing into place, but you can actually change the track around and try different courses, which the kids love.

DaGeDar is very addictive and fun. It's supposed to be for the kids, but I think we parents enjoyed playing with the sets just as much as the kids. It's interactive and really fun to watch the balls jump the ravine and go upside down. This would be a great present for kids 8-12 and am sure that, by Christmas, DaGeDar will be all the rage!
Ready to win your own DaGeDar game game pieces?

Disclosure: I received free products as part of a promotional program with DaGeDar and MomSelect to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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