FurReal Friends Chimpanzee Newborn Pet Review

All children love getting to hold, pet, and love on little baby animals. Who can resist a little kitten or a puppy? Even as an adult, I know I can’t!  FurReal Friends Newborn pets by Hasbro give children the opportunity to love and nurture their own little baby animal.
Furreal Friends Newborn Kitten (Black and White)
Just touch the FurReal Friends Newborn and it comes to life. There are many different newborn FurReal Friends available for purchase, including birds, bears, chimps, puppies, and much more!
Cuddle up with your newborn, feed them, and don't forget to give them the love and attention they need. Children will fall in love this their FurReal Friends Newborn.

My Thoughts 
We received a FurReal Friends Newborn Chimpanzee. I'd seen these at Target and Josiah loved playing with them so, I couldn't wait to play with it, too. I'm a sucker for cute animals. The chimp is so adorable, making its little chimp noises, moving its arms and head. Tickle his tummy and he'll laugh, leave him sitting still long enough and he'll fall asleep, too! So cute!!
Furreal Friends Newborn Chimp
The FurReal Friends Newborns come ready to play, with 3AAA batteries included and a bottle for feeding time! The chimp's little mouth opens and you can stick the his little bottle right. It really is just like  a real baby, with the cooing noises and drinking it's bottle. Oh, and did I mention the newborn is super soft and cuddly?
For ages 4-12, your children will want to take their FurReal Friends Newborn Chimpanzee everywhere with them!

This review was written for Hasbro. No compensation was received other than the item reviewed. All opinions are completely and 100% mine.


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