BagUps Biodegradable Trash Bag Dispensing System Review

Every Wednesday morning our trash is collected and every Wednesday our trash can is overflowing. Yes, we do our best to cut down on trash by using cloth towels, wipes, diapers, etc., but with two children, two cats, and a husband, the mess just piles up like crazy. I shutter to think about all of the trash bags we contribute to landfills each year.

I heard about biodegradable trash bags a few months ago and the search began. Ha! I couldn't find one within 50 miles of our house, which is just disappointing. That's when I read about the revolutionary BagUps trash bag dispensing system! Not only are they earth-friendly, but make changing trash bags much easier.
When I say BagUps are eco-friendly, I mean that the bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Within 18-24 months, they will completely biodegrade! Plus, the box they come in is also recyclable.

How does the BagUps Dispensing System work?

It's simple! Just put the box of BagUps in your trash can and pull up the first bag to use. Once the bag is full, pull it up and tear it off at the bottom and the next bag is read use.

My Thoughts

I couldn't wait to start using my BagUps. We actually ran out of our other trash bags right after these arrived so, we got to use them immediately! I did just as the instructions said and placed the box inside the trash can and pulled up the first bag and they were ready to be filled.

They definitely don't hold as much trash as my other 13 gallon trash bags because you must allow room at the top to properly tie off the bag. Once I learned that the hard way, I also found it much easier to lift the bag out and use the system much more effectively. With the smaller amount of trash, it was easy to lift the bag and tear it off so the next bag could be used.

My only dislike is how thin the 13 gallon bags are. At .7 mil, I poked many holes in the bags. However, even with holes, the bags did not fall apart and managed to contain all the trash so, they still worked well. Also, I read that the bigger trash bags are thicker.

I definitely recommend BagUps to anyone trying to become more eco-conscious. At $14.32 for a 3-pack (each containing 23 bags), they are also affordable. I would definitely use this again!

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