Ready, Set... GO!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I've had the very worst luck with my laptop. Apparently, it just wasn't meant to be with my Toshiba. On the way to visit my parents for Christmas, the cord somehow fell out of the door and followed along side the car, scrapping against the interstate the entire 300 miles. :( Yeah, the cord was ruined, not to mention, for some reason the computer just decided to die at the very same time. So strange!

In the midst of all of that, we all got sick and Liam ended up in the hospital on New Year's Eve, but I think we are finally all getting better! Plus, I just ordered my new computer and am picking it up at Best Buy tomorrow! I can't wait. Here it is:
 Gateway® NV55C03u Laptop 3GB Notebook 320GB Computer
It's a Gateway 3GB Laptop Notebook!

Well, with the New Year brings so many new events and fun things I have planned for the upcoming months! I can't wait! First is the event beginning next week! I haven't been able to offer any early entries or such since I haven't been around, but don't worry. I have some good items for the event, including some I'm throwing in myself, including a Peapod Creations Cuddly Wrap! They are absolutely wonderful. Here's a picture:
Peapod Organic Cuddly Wrap - Sage
I will write more about that event tomorrow! For now, it's time to get some rest! I hope everyone is doing well and surviving all of the snow. We've been snowed in all week and are starting to get cabin fever!


Tracy Brumfield said...

You always have the greatest giveaways. I have given your blog an award at http://mysliceofsanity.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-got-award-and-you-can-to.html

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