Valentine's Day Memories & Tiny Prints

I’ve learned over the years that love doesn’t always make sense. Love seems to hit you when least expected and makes you act completely out of character! Well, that’s what happened to me, anyways! So, here’s the story…

Only 5 short years ago, I began working at the UGA Main Library and was so excited to be around books all day. Little did I know, my future love would be working right beside me. I was introduced to Cory and didn’t think much about him for months. We talked, we joked around, we were co-workers. Then, one day he asked me to lunch. It was just as friends, of course, as many of us ate together during our lunch hour, but one lunch turned to two lunches and, before too long, we were eating lunch together every single day!
Love had smacked me right between the eyes before I even had a chance to realize it. The major problem was that Cory was starting law school in only a few months and leaving town for 3 years. There was no way this could really continue… or could it?
Cory asked me to go with him- just quit my job, pack up my things, and hit the road. I didn’t have to think long about it before I put in my notice and got ready to leave town with him. Yes, completely out of character for me, but we knew how we felt and sometimes you just have to trust in that love!

Talk about completely out of character, Cory and I were married 3 months later and got pregnant with our first son soon afterwards. Now, 5 years later, we have two beautiful sons, he’s out of law school, and we live in the mountains. It’s amazing to think back to the one decision that completely changed our lives… for the better! Back then I could have never imagined even having one child or being a stay-at-home-mom. Now, I can’t imagine it any other way.
Love is something I’m not sure anyone can describe, but, if it’s true, you’ll do just about anything for it.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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