Dapper Snappers Review

My son has always been tall and skinny. The poor little boy is constantly trying to pull up his pants and showing his plumbers crack to everyone in the vicinity. I've tried everything, but it's been difficult to find belts for his toddler age group. I even started buying the pants that have adjustable waistbands, too, but those just eventually stretch, too.

What can we do to remedy this problem? Well, I've found the absolute perfect solution to saggy pants- Dapper Snappers! Invented by a Mama who wanted a solution to droopy drawers, Dapper Snappers easily fit through the belt looks on the back of any pair of pants to turn them into adjustable waist pants. Pants that were once too big in the waist fit perfectly with Dapper Snappers!

Plus, with the newest Dapper Snapper Clips, you can even use Dapper Snappers on pants without belt loops! Isn't that awesome? You can extend your child's wardrobe and save so much money by using Dapper Snappers!

Dapper Snappers are recommended for ages 9 months to 6 years, come in several colors for boys and girls, and are also available in prints!

My Thoughts

I was so excited to receive my pair of Dapper Snappers. I choose the Navy color because I knew it would blend in easiest with my son's clothing. He's had droopy pants since he started walking and I've seriously tried just about everything, but have finally found the only solution!!

Dapper Snappers toddler belts are amazing and have helped my son keep his pants up even when playing all day! I recently bought Josiah several outfits at a consignment store and most of the pants were, of course, too big in the waist, but now that isn't an issue! He's also still potty training and Dapper Snappers are great because they take away bunched up fabric near the front button and zipper. Toddlers can easily get pants off to go to the potty!

Oh, I have to mention something else I found on the website- Dapper Snappers for Moms! These can be used for kids 7+, but my favorite use of them is for pregnant ladies! They can be used as a maternity belt in the front belt loops to extend your pants. I wish I had known about these! You know when you are pregnant and your favorite pair of jeans are just a little too tight? You don't have to use a rubber band or, like I did, use a hairband! Just use the Dapper Snappers for Moms and you'll be ready to go. With your maternity top over your pants, no one will ever know!

Buy It
Purchase a pair of Dapper Snappers online today for only $10.95! Or find a location near you! It's such a great deal and can save you so much money!

This review was written for Dapper Snappers in conjunction with The Family Review Network. No compensation was received for the review. All opinions expressed are completely and 100% mine. A special thanks to Dapper Snappers for this review opportunity.


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