Why Our Kids Love L'il Critters Gummy Vites #sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.
I have two very picky eaters who would choose pizza or chicken nuggets for every meal if I let them! We try to get them to eat a balanced meal and always have at least one or two vegetables with our meals, but this doesn't mean they will eat them. That is why I think it is so important to supplement their diet with vitamins for many, many reasons.

My son, Liam, started his chemotherapy treatments last fall, so at that time I purchased our first L'il Critters Gummy Vites and also the L'il Critters Immune C (with Echinacea and Zinc). We'd tried other types of vitamins before and both of the boys were not fans, so this was our first try with gummies and the boys loved them! For once they were asking every day if they could have their vitamins! Not only am I impressed with the taste and how much my children like them, but we also made it through flu season with only minor colds that lasted a day or two!
We recently received L'il Critters Gummy Vites just in time since our most recent container of them was nearing empty. The boys were so excited to receive these in the mail and, of course, wanted to "try" them immediately. Seriously, how could I say no to a taste test and, once again, they passed with flying colors. When I asked Josiah, my 6 year-old, what he liked the most about L'il Critters Gummy Vites, he replied, "I love how the red ones taste. They are my favorite!" Liam also told me he loves the flavor of all of them and then asked if he could have more. Liam also carries his stuffed animal bear, Peanut Butter, around with him everywhere, so he immediately noticed the gummies were bear shaped and was very excited!
L'il Critters Gummy Vites are naturally flavored cherry, citrus and berry! Yummy!
It's easy to get into a routine of taking vitamins, especially when your kids love them so much and actually request them daily. I have them sitting out on our kitchen counter near our breakfast food area, so each morning the boys eat their breakfast and take their vitamins! Having them out helps me remember to give them out each morning, but most of the time the boys are the ones reminding me! This has become an everyday occurrence and it makes me feel like they are starting the day off right because L'il Critters Gummy Vites contains essential vitamins and minerals, which support and maintain healthy growth and development. As someone who has given them to my kiddos for almost a year, I am so impressed and happy about how well they really have supported their growth and helped them not only maintain a balanced diet, but also how they have also helped keep them healthy overall.
Eating their gummies and getting ready for the day!
Now that Josiah is back in school and has begun 1st grade, it is more important than ever for him to stay healthy and to be prepared each day! Although I can support Josiah by going over homework with him, helping him get to sleep early and making sure he is ready to go in the morning, I cannot make them always eat a balanced diet with all the vitamins in minerals I would like them to have. L'il Critters Gummy Vites has definitely helped out with this and, for that, I am forever grateful, especially since they love them so much.

Be sure to check out the L'il Critters Facebook page, too, and "Like" them to keep up with the latest news and promotions! You never know when a great coupon will come out or even a new type of gummy.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for L’il Critters. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.


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