Pop for Sight Words Games from Learning Resources Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: This review was written for Learning Resources. Items were received for review purpose only and no other compensation was provided. All opinions written are my own.
We are back to school and, only two weeks in, we are in full homework mode. Josiah is in first grade and, in kindergarten, had some issues with phonics. We practiced sight words and reading over the summer, but it just wasn't going anywhere. As soon as he began school, the teacher started sending home more sight word flash cards, so I knew we had to mix things up, especially since he will soon have his very first spelling test! Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Games are not only educational, but a fun way for kids to learn, so we were excited to try them out.

About Pop For Sight Words Bundle (includes Pop for Sight Words 1 and 2)
These games make sight word practice fun! They pick, recognize and read aloud almost 200 high-frequency words, but look out for the POP cards. Players pick a card, say the word and, if read correctly, they keep it. However, if a POP card is accidently picked, the player must put back ALL of their words. This game is recommended for ages 5-7 and 2-4 players can play at a time.

Our Thoughts
Josiah has been so nervous about all of the new words he has to learn, but was getting frustrated with the flash cards. We received both Pop for Sight Words and Pop for Sight Words 2. I couldn't wait to get POP for Sight Words out this weekend to see what Josiah thought. We are starting with the 1st set of flash cards and, upon open up the game, I found that these were perfect for his reading level and for first grade. Many of the words were the same high-frequency words on his current list and others were words he either has learned or will learn in the near future. I knew this would be a great way for him to get some extra practice in!
Josiah picking out his next word.
As soon as we started playing, Josiah was sounding out the letter sounds, putting them together and reading the words like a pro. The more he sounded out the letters, the better he got at even figuring out words he had not practiced yet. I noticed immediately that this game was giving him the encouragement and reassurance he has needed to succeed with learning words and reading. He is often unsure of himself and doesn't want to say words incorrectly, so Pop for Sight Words was great practice and he would get so excited every time he got one right.
Learning -sh words has been tough, but he got this one right and was so proud!
There were so words that he still got wrong, but that's okay because those go back in the box to be picked in the future, which gives him another change and more practice, too.

Pop Cards
Mama was the first to draw one of the POP! cards and had to put all cards back into the box! Josiah thought that was hilarious until he picked one, too. That definitely evens the field as time goes on, but then I picked another POP card. We played this game for close the 45 minutes before he started losing interest, which is really a record. He was so into this game that we have already played it several times since the first time. Sometimes I go through and pick our specific words I know we should focus on and other times we just play with all of them to help add to his vocabulary.

Josiah was not only surprised, but beyond happy to win the game. I think this is the beginning of a very successful first grade and the more we practice and play Pop for Sight Words, the more he will improve and gain confidence in himself. I think this is a great game for all kids who need practice with phonics. We homeschooled last year and this would have been perfect as an add-in with the curriculum. The words are great for kindergarten and first grade.
Josiah was all smiles when he won the game!
Ready For a Giveaway?
Thanks to Learning Resources,  One Lucky Reader Will Receive Their Own Pop For Sight Words Bundle! 
To enter, just use the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway is open to US Readers, 18+ years and ends on Sunday, September 15th at 11:59pm. Good Luck!

Disclosure: This review was written for Learning Resources. Items were received for review purpose only and no other compensation was provided. All opinions written are my own.


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