K'NEX Angry Birds Space Hogs On Mars Building Set Review

If my youngest sees your your cell phone, his first question is, "Do you have Angry Birds?" Both of my kids love Angry Birds and they also love K'NEX, so when you put together both of them, it has to be a winner, right? Right! As soon as we received the K'NEX Space Angry Birds Hogs On Mars Building Set, Josiah (my 6 year old) couldn't wait to build the set.

We have Angry Birds Space on our iPad and the really cool thing about this set is that it is actually taken from one of the levels on the game! The game comes with 165 pieces, including Incredible Terence, Space Egg, and Lightning Bird to launch and destroy the two evil Space pigs along with the other structures, including a Mars Rover.

This set is recommended for ages 7+, but, with some help, Josiah put it together. It probably took us a little bit longer, but he was determined to set it up exactly like the directions. He did a great job and was so proud!

After our hard work, I almost hated to tear it all down, but the boys couldn't wait to defeat the pigs. How? The launcher we built worked like a pro to fling the birds across at the pigs!
Ready to launch!

 The boys love the big, fat green bird because it can really do some damage to the structures and piggies! Here's Josiah mid-air launch:
 and the destruction caused: 

Luckily, once the pieces were in place, they were really easy to repair after the kids launched the birds at them. I say luckily because they play with this set for an hour at a time and Mama has to sit nearby to help with the smaller parts. This is such a great addition to our K'NEX collections and any fan of building sets would have a blast with this one. The fun isn't over after building the set, after all! You can play with this one continually and the possibilities are endless.

The Angry Birds Space Hogs On Mars Set is available on the K'NEX website for only $29.99 and is well worth it. The kiddos give this one 2 thumbs up and love playing with the set!
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Disclosure: This review was written for K'NEX. Items were received for review purposes and no other compensation was received. All opinions written are my own. 


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