Back To School With Master Lock #sponsored

Disclosure: This post was written for Master Lock in conjunction with Resourceful Mommy Media. Compensation was provided for the post, though all written opinions are my own. 

School just started in our county this week and it has been quite an adjustment! A parents worries are never over, especially while children are at school. Looking back to when I was in school, I remember struggling with our lock combinations so much that we would just leave our lockers open. Bad idea, I know, because this lead to items being stolen. We didn't have as many expensive electronics back then, but now kids have iPods, laptops, tablets, phones and more. In fact, the average college student spends about $281 on their back to school electronics! I even had my $400 bicycle stolen when I was in college. I always used Master Lock when I was in school and throughout college, too, so I never thought of using any other brand when my son started going to school. Did you know Master Lock has been around since 1921?

I certainly don't want my son's items stolen, so I have been looking at the Master Lock products that are perfect for back to school. In particular, the Master Lock 1500eDBX dialSpeed caught my eye, It's different from other locks in that it is actually electronic and, with so many amazing electronics out there, this lock is perfect for students and something they would love!

Yes, it looks cool and it is pretty awesome, too. Unlike other locks, you can encode several different personalized combinations for multiple users (4 in all), which is something I love about its features. It does take batteries, but comes installed with one that will last 5 years. The Boron carbide shackle is also very strong, making it more resistant to being cut. This lock is for indoor use and would be perfect for back to school! Now I can rest assured that my son's belongings will remain safe inside his locker, so I have one less thing to worry about each day.

In addition to the Master Lock dialSpeed lock we wrote about, there are many other great Back To School products they offer to keep items safe for students, including the SafeSpace Portable Safe (pictured below), which would be perfect in a dorm room so they can stash money and other important items, and the SafeSpace Laptop Computer Lock, keeping computers safely locked when students are not around. Be sure to check out the Master Lock website for all the other great back to school products!

Win With The Master Lock Master Campus Challenge
From July 15th until September 8th Master Lock is hosting a fun interactive online game, which can be accessed on the Master Lock Facebook page or on MasterCampusChallenge.com where you will have the change to win many gift cards, video games, electronics and Master Lock products. How? Each week brings a new game challenge, which features a different animated lock on a unique campus locations. Players are given hints during the game and can use hints given on the Master Lock Facebook page to help crack the code! There will be daily prizes AND for each week you play the game, you can be entered to win the weekly sweepstakes and earn more points for the grand prize, a digital SLR camera! There are many ways to earn points, including taking a creative picture or video of a Master Lock product, uploading it to Instagram or Twitter to show Master Lock how they can master any security challenge. Be sure to use the #MasterCampusChallenge hashtag when doing this.

Twitter Party Alert
Please join us for the Master Lock Twitter Party on August 6th at 8pm EST! Hosted by @ResourcefulMom, this will be such a fun party and we hope to see you there. Be sure to RSVP before the event to qualify for prizes!

Disclosure: This post was written for Master Lock in conjunction with Resourceful Mommy Media. Compensation was provided for the post, though all written opinions are my own. 


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