Want to be healthier? Change your wallpaper!

If you steer clear from gyms, and have trouble motivating yourself to do any exercise (apart from repeated lifting of beer bottles) Travelodge might have the answer! Their fascinating study, shown by in infographic, reveals the psychological impact of different wallpaper colours, including on exercise, health, sleep and even relationships!
The study found that a fifth of those with a silver d├ęcor in their bedroom said they are more motivated to exercise in their bedroom! Or if it’s digestion problems you suffer from, a warm shade of orange can aid this, so after a big meal, this would be your best bet!
Those with insomnia should choose their wallpapers very carefully. People with blue wallpaper, thought to create a feeling of calm, sleep the best. Other top wallpaper colours are yellow, green, silver and orange, all of which are thought to contribute to sleep by making people tranquil and restful.
However, Grey, Brown and Purple wallpaper is more likely to promote dramatic dreams and nightmares; leading to a zombie-like state in the morning! People with grey wall paper are also more likely to shop online.
So, for exercise, choose silver, for sleep, blue, and for digestion, orange. But the real question is, what if you had multi-coloured wallpaper?! Maybe that’s one for Travelodge to answer!
Visit the Travelodge blog to read the full fascinating findings!
Travelodge bedroom wall colour infographic
Travelodge Bedroom Wall Colour Infographic


Robin Wilson said...

I have heard about colors affecting your moods and emotions. Pink for prisoners, etc. But I never thought about wallpaper colors and designs. It makes perfect sense! I will check out Travelodge should I get the opportunity!

jamie braun said...

i had no idea colors could effect us that much!

Robin O said...

That really is fascinating! I am going to start paying attention to this. Thanks for sharing the infographic!

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