Summer Fun With The Family At Our Bomb Pop Party #BombPop #sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Bomb Pop. I received  product samples, a party kit, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

We have a huge family and are very close, which means we are constantly getting together, celebrating and having a great time. The summer is such a busy time and it has been much harder for all of us to get together lately. Our little softball player, Rylee, is on the all-star team this year, so she stays on the go. We are so proud of all her hard work this year and we've wanted to throw her a party. Since we were all free this weekend, we decided to throw a big cookout party complete with delicious Bomb Pop ice pops, a favorite treat to help us cool down during all of this hot Georgia weather.

We spend a great deal of time outdoors playing and this day was no different! While our steaks were marinating for later, we started up the party once our guests arrived. Who came? Me, my husband, Josiah, Liam, Rylee, Ethan, Aimee and Jeremy! Our neighbors also came over to join the party with their two kids. While I was setting up some surprises in the backyard, Liam hopped on the swing set and the other kids took turns driving around the yard in the police car. These are two of their favorite things to do outdoors. Since we live in the country, they can drive the police car all over the place and have so much fun.What they didn't know was that I was sent an awesome Bomb Pop party kit containing all kinds of goodies! I'd managed to keep that a secret all week somehow.
Did you know Bomb Pop is an official sponsor of Little League Baseball and Softball? I played softball for over 7 years and look back fondly on those years. That's why I am so excited and proud of Rylee since she plays Little League softball, too. I've been watching Rylee progress as a player from the year she started t-ball and boy has she improved! It's amazing how well 7 and 8 year-olds can hit the ball into the outfield and round the bases. It makes me nostalgic for my days on the baseball field and the first time I tried a Bomb Pop. 
We couldn't invite Rylee's entire team over for a game, unfortunately, but we did set up an awesome Bomb Pop Home Run Toss for everyone to play. We are all huge baseball fans and my husband watches the Braves every single time they play, so even the adults were excited to give this game a try. Josiah was so excited to get 6 home runs, but my aim, on the other hand, was in need of practice.

The kit also included Bomb Pop Key Chains and foam Bomb Pop baseballs that the kids loved. We usually play a family wiffle ball game, but this time we used the foam balls instead and they worked perfectly. Plus, it didn't hurt as bad when someone inevitably got hit in the forehead (ahem, and when I say someone I mean ME)! 
While all of this was going on, my husband was cooking steaks and the smell was killing us! It was finally time to eat and that is exactly what we did. Unfortunately, I was so swept into the moment that I forgot to snap a picture until afterwards. Apparently it was pretty good because this is all that was left:
After eating, we were back to playing and the boys thought it was time for some golfing. Liam and Ethan are golfing buddies, after all, so they took turns swinging their clubs and whacking the ball across the yard. Ethan has quite a swing for a little one!
About this time I brought out the real treat of the evening... Bomb Pops! We were sent a variety of delicious flavored pops, including the Original Bomb Pops, Hawaiian Punch Bomb Pops, Sour Wower Bomb Pops and Sugar-Free Bomb Pops!
I will never forget the first time I tried a Bomb Pop many years ago. It was a hot summer day and we'd just gotten finished playing a softball game at our local field. As always, we ran to the concession stand for drinks and treats, but on this day they had Bomb Pops!
There are certain items I associate with summer and Bomb Pops are definitely part of that group. I love all of the different flavors, especially the blueberry, and I don't feel like they are too sweet. With the temperatures well into the 90s here, sometimes air conditioner doesn't quite do the trick, but a Bomb Pop not only tastes great, but cools you down, too. 
Rylee had never tried a Bomb Pop before, but by the end of the weekend she had eaten many and was a quite a fan. She was asking if we could get more of the Sourer Wowers since they were gone. How could I say no? I've been eating Bomb Pops every time they do, so I'm definitely up for more. We had such a great time at the party and it carried through the entire weekend. I love making special memories for the kids and that's exactly did this weekend with Bomb Pops! 

What do you and your family love to do outdoors during the summer months? Have you ever had a Bomb Pop? 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Bomb Pop. I received  product samples, a party kit, and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Amy said...

Very cool that bomb pop I an official sponsor for little league. I haven't had a bomb pop in forever! Looks like everyone had a blast!

QueenB said...

so much fun ! we had some of the sour wowers at my 8 year olds' party yesterday. some of the girls devoured them and some couldn't handle the pucker!! hilarious.

we have another party this week we're bringing some bomb pops to :)

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