Summer Fun at Six Flags Over Georgia with Mom Central and #WetOnes

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received free admission to Six Flags, attended an informational and complimentary luncheon, and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Wet Ones Wipes
Just recently we had the opportunity to visit Six Flags Over Georgia with some other amazing Atlanta bloggers, Stacy DeBroff, the CEO of Mom Central, and Wet Ones, our favorite antibacterial wipes!  Josiah, my 6 year-old and I decided to make a mother-son weekend out of the trip and he was so excited, especially because this was his very first time at Six Flags. He really had no idea what to expect and I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

We parked and met up with everyone right inside the front gates to begin our day. From there, Josiah spotted roller coasters, a candy shop and much more. He was ready to explore, but first we met the president of Six Flags (pictured below with Tweety) and learned about the vast history of Six Flags, which was amazing in itself.
We took a few great group pictures...
Do you see Josiah? His head is between Tweety and Sylvester. :) 

Then, we followed our guide to the next stop, a train tour, which circled completely around the park, giving us moment to cool down and rest our legs. Afterwards, we were on our way to the Monster Mansion, which has been one of my favorites since I was Josiah's age. I remember coming to Six Flags for the first time when I was only 5 years old (many, many years ago) and now it's Josiah's turn! 

Josiah thought Monster Mansion was a little scary, but he's already asking when we can go back and ride it again. The great thing is that we had our Wet Ones. While touring the park, just imagine everything we have to touch (the rides, gates for the rides, etc.). Wet Ones helped us clean off the germs and have an amazing time. Not to mention, the day was a typical Georgia summer day- hot and humid. Luckily, the kids spotted a spray station where we could cool off while walking around and I think we could have stayed there all day. 
We made a quick stop for a surprise gift... super hero capes for everyone! Josiah said he was going to give his to his brother, Liam, since he could not be there with us. Liam has worn that cape almost every day since we gave it to him. Before lunch, we were able to walk around Bugs Bunny World, an area with rides specifically for little ones. Josiah was in heaven and wanted to ride everything. Here's a collage of all the fun he had:
He absolutely loved the swings and said that was his favorite ride. After about 30 minutes, we met up for lunch at Bugs Bunny's Carrot Patch for pizza and chicken fingers.  That's also when we got our Wet Ones goody bags full of all kinds of great gifts, including Wet Ones, our drink cups and bracelets for unlimited refills. We immediately used the Wet Ones to clean our hands before eating food and were so excited to have the unlimited drink bracelets! On such a hot day, those were really a lifesaver and we refilled our cups many times over the course of the day. 

Josiah read a book recently about bears riding bumper cars at an amusement park, so that's where he wanted to go next. We waited patiently in line until our turn and he had a blast! He wanted to get in line and do it again, but that was one loooong line! In our Wet Ones bag, we also got one exit pass to be used to cut the line on any ride of our choice. When he saw the old timey Hansons cars, he had to drive them, but the line was the longest we'd seen yet, so we went through the exit, got in our car and we were riding away in no time. 

Near the bumper cars, Josiah spotted fair games, including the one where you spray water and race your horse to the finish line for a prize. We actually ended up winning a few prizes to our surprise, which made the games even more fun. We wanted to meet up with the group for a cotton candy break, but got lost somehow! I was all turned around, so we eventually gave up, but I made sure to buy some for Josiah before leaving, along with a caramel apple for myself. Yummy! Believe me, we really needed some Wet Ones after this deliciously sticky situation. For our last ride, we got on the Sky Buckets to head back to the front gate. Here's a picture of Josiah saying goodbye to Six Flags one last time. After a long day of fun and games, we were ready to rest up, but weeks later he is still talking about what a great time he had and continues to ask when we can all go back.
As I mentioned earlier, Wet Ones were perfect for our Six Flags trip. Why? Because the travel-sized packs  and singles easily fit in a diaper bag, purse or bookbag. The singles can even fit in your pocket with ease. We were able to pull them out in between rides to wipe up and keep the germs at bay. Since Liam is still in the middle of his chemo treatments, we do what we can to stay healthy and keep the germs away, so Wet Ones have really helped out when being out in public. Kids don't often think about what their hands touch and can easily put those dirty hands into mouths! Eck! That's why it's important to keep Wet Ones nearby. You never know when they will be of use. Liam's doctor has the antibacterial gel instead, but this is NOT a great option for kids. First of all, if they have any cracks or boo boos on their skin, the gel burns like nobody's business. Plus, it smells like alcohol. Wet Ones smell great and are lightly fresh scented. They also don't cause rashes on Liam's extremely sensitive skin, so that really tells me a lot about the product. 

I don't think I had been to Six Flags since I was a teenager, so it was great to see how much the park has changed over the years. After having such a fun time with Josiah, I have a feeling we will be back in the near future with both boys, but I think we will wait until October for Fright Fest since the weather will be much cooler! 

What's your favorite ride at Six Flags? If you are going this summer, don't forget to pack your Wet Ones for the trip. Believe me, you will end up using them quite often and will be happy you brought them along!

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received free admission to Six Flags, attended an informational and complimentary luncheon, and received a gift bag and promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Amy said...

Looks like Josiah had a BUNCH of fun! When I was younger, we kept wet wipes in the car -just for those unexpected Messy Moments.

Danielle Harper said...

Looks like you had a super fun day made easier by Wet Ones. We use Wet Ones all the time and I love roller coasters too. We have Cedar Point near us, but I'd love to go to 6 Flags!

QueenB said...

looks like SO MUCH FUN! we always bring wet wipes when we travel.

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