Visit Your Local Park this July For National Park and Recreation Month #ParkRecLuv

Did you know July is national Park and Recreation Month? We love our local parks and, since we live up in the mountains, we visit them often for day and weekend trips with the kids. We can go biking, hiking or even just stay at one of the cabins. There are 9 state parks within 50 miles of our house and the one we visit most often is the Amicalola Falls park, which is absolutely beautiful and has an amazing lodge or you can even hike to an inn that is only reachable by foot! This area is perfect for families and makes for such a great day or weekend trip.
We also have several local parks that the kids love and, in fact, Josiah just had his birthday at one nearby. It has a playground and splash pad, so we could cool off afterwards.

We've spent so much time at local parks as a family and have made some wonderful memories together. Looking at all of our pictures has been a great trip down memory lane and I am sure there will be many more in the future. Here is a picture of Liam's first visit to Amicalola Falls at only a few weeks old, all wrapped up in a baby sling as we hiked around trails!
As part of Park and Recreation Month, the National Recreation and Park Association has one important question for everyone to answer:

"I Love my Parks and Recreation Because..."

You can visit the NPRA website for more information on their initiatives, free resources, a calendar of fun events nationwide and about their month-long weekly photo contest!

Yes, I said contest! 

We love our giveaways and contests here, so we are excited to share this one with you. Get out and about this month as a family and explore your local park or recreation area. Then, share your experience with them via social media. Easy, right? Go to the NPRA Facebook page, click on the Show UR Love Contest and enter for a chance to win a $500 gift card and more! Go and show some love for your local parks by snapping some great family photos.

I try to make summer vacation as fun as possible and this means we spend a great deal of time at our local parks. The boys just love running around and going down slides. I love that we get some great exercise and it gives them a way to get out some of their energy. We just recently packed a turkey sandwich picnic lunch and headed to a park, which the boys liked very much.

There is still time this month and during summer vacation to visit your local parks! Believe me, your kids will really enjoy the experience. Be sure to snap pictures for the contest, too. So, what do you like most about your local parks and recreation?


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