My Allergy Test At-Home Kit Review & Giveaway

The human body changes over time, and even if you've never been allergic before, it's possible to develop sensitivities as time goes on. We moved to the Midwest recently and I've noticed that sometimes I've had some unexplained nasal stuffiness. The thought did cross my mind that perhaps a certain local allergen was to blame. When ImmuneTech offered to send me their My Allergy Test, I was very interested in trying it. Anyone who is experiencing allergy-type symptoms may take the test and discover if further treatment is needed.

The My Allergy Test is mailed right to your door and self-administered at home. It tests your body's response to the ten most common allergens: eggs, milk, wheat, mold, dust mites, Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, cedar, ragweed and cats.

When my kit arrived, it contained instructions, identification labels, a mailing envelope and all the supplies needed to take a small blood sample.

The instructions were very simple to understand and took just a few minutes to read over. Using the provided lancet, I was able to easily prick my finger and get a few drops of blood in the vial. There is a second lancet included, just in case you don't get enough the first time. I wasn't uneasy at all collecting the blood sample, but if sticking your own finger sounds like something you'd rather avoid, ImmuneTech does suggest that someone else can help you.

I affixed identification labels as instructed and then put my sample in the included specimen bag.
The final step was to mail my sample off in the postage-paid envelope. I dropped it off at the post office on May 1 and received my test results by email on May 10, so the turnaround time was very prompt. To view my results, I clicked a link in the email and used the PIN number (included in my package) to log in. 

Results are very easy to view, and each allergen tested is rated from a negative response all the way to a high response based on the IgE concentration.

If your test returns positive results (mine didn't), you have access to MyAllergyPlan,which helps you take the next step in finding relief. MyAllergyPlan is included in your purchase. At the website, you may also print out your results to share with a health care professional.

MyAllergyTest retails for $49.99. I would say it's a small price to pay if you're concerned about allergy-type symptoms. Getting answers to simple questions can unfortunately be an expensive proposition if you choose the traditional route. In my case, I would had to pay to see my regular physician. Then he would have referred me to a specialist. And then there would be allergy tests to take. The costs quickly ad up! Because of the professional results I received from the MyAllergyTest, I can cross off any major allergies off my list.

Finally, I think it's fantastic that you can test and receive results at home. With six children and homeschooling, scheduling and keeping doctor appointments is usually a stressful undertaking.

You can order MyAllergyTest online or find it at major pharmacies like Walmart and Walgreens. To keep up-to-date with the latest, be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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Slack Ass Mom said...

It seems like all of us are sneezy, snotty and stuffy at the same time :(

jill24295 said...

I suffer from allergies year round, but we've never been able to afford the testing to find out what I am really allergic to (no insurance). It would be so nice to get some answers so that maybe we can get them under control after years of suffering - blah!

jill24295 said...

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one frugal lady said...

we just moved into our current house about 6 months ago, and have had the worst allergies ever!

Veronica said...

Both my husband and myself have allergies, ugh!

Keely said...

All 3 of my kids have allergies

Darlene said...

My son and granddaughter

Kimberly said...

Everyone in our family has allergies of some kind. It would be nice to know who is allergic to what.

katychick said...

me, my son and my husband all have allergies
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Jennireesa/Jennifer W. said...

My daughter and I have allergies.

Zephyr Hill Blog said...

I don't, but am suspecting my husband does. Would love to test him at home!

Jemima Puddleduck said...

I have allergies, and I suspect my son does too.

Bunniker said...

Yes, I am allergic to grasses and molds.

Bunniker said...

I like the Vino2Go from the Bridesmaid tab.

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