Would a Family Enjoy an RV Vacation?

Families are always looking for fun activities to do that are outside the norm.  One thing that comes to mind is renting an RV for a family getaway to various destinations, including camping, the beach, and more.  But would a family enjoy an RV vacation together?

Would Dad Enjoy It?

Dad would probably enjoy an RV vacation, because even though he would be the primary driver, it would be less work than, say, camping.  Taking an RV vacation is great logistically, because everything you need is right on the vehicle.  Plus, renting an RV is pretty cheap, even once you get simple caravan insurance and everything else you need. 

Would Mom Enjoy It?

Mom would definitely enjoy taking an RV out with the entire family, and the biggest reason is togetherness.  By being in the RV, you’re all together!  Plus, mom would have all of the things she normally uses around the house – a full kitchen, plenty of storage, and more.  Having all of the amenities of home is a huge time saver for mom, especially if you’re going camping.  Instead of having to prep everything on a camp stove, you have everything you need in the kitchen.  

Also, there is the nice bedroom with bed in the RV.  If you’re like most mom’s, having a nice bed is much better than roughing it in a tent.  I’m sure mom will appreciate having a nice bed and bathroom to sleep and get ready in each day.
Would the Kids Enjoy It?

Finally, the kids would love to take an RV trip!  Especially if you have younger children, they would enjoy going places like camping in the forest or going to the beach.  Kids love just being able to run around outdoors and exploring new places.  Plus, you can travel with fun activities, such as board games or other entertainment, to keep them occupied while you’re driving.  Some RVs even have television and entertainment centers, which are great for families with kids.   Renting an RV is a great way to travel as a whole family. 


Wendi Scharrer said...

We have a travel trailer and have spent a lot of time "camping" with our children. We have had great adventures and have made great memories while donig so. I say DO IT!!! :)

Lizzie Ticona said...

I'm pretty sure all would enjoy it. It's such a great experience , learning one and experience on spending great quality time together as a family too!. I 'd love to do this once my baby boy is old enough :)

Liz Ticona

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

I would love to take an RV trip the only thing I am worried about is driving a big RV. I love to camp in a tent but and RV would be even easier.

Kathy said...

Who did you rent through? We're looking to rent one this summer but the prices are CRAZY!

dorcontest said...

It is a dream of mine to RV ing ... for a whole month. That would be awesome. Thanks for shaing the fun.


Savingwith Saveone said...

I would love an RV vacation!! I think it's a great time for the whole family.

betty baez said...

I would love it and I think my kiddos would too!

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