Start The Season Off Right With Designer Clothing From Cruise

I have always been interested in fashion and I absolutely love designer clothing. I even subscribe to magazines like W and Vogue just to see all the newest styles hitting the runway. Recently, I came across an amazing website, Cruise, which is a luxury designer clothing retailer in the UK! They have a huge variety of designer brands for both men and women. In another life I was definitely a rich socialite with a closet full of Jimmy Choos and Dolce & Gabbana dresses. The holidays are nearing and this means several parties must be attended, so I have to get some new clothes, of course, and I am searching Cruise for the perfect outfit!

I always wear dresses to our holiday parties, so I knew this is exactly what I was looking for. Women's Dresses on Cruise come in a variety of designer brands, colors and links, which means you can find the perfect dress for your body type. I fell in love with the gorgeous Alex McQueen Victorian Pink Lace Jacquard Pencil Dress and think it would be look great on me!
The one thing I love more than designer clothing is designer shoes, so that's what I picked out next. I cannot resist high heels, so I began my search through ladies footwear. With over 300 choices, I had my work cut out for me. I finally decided on a pair of black Gucci high heel shoes that will go perfectly with the dress and many other of my dresses in the future.
I am so excited about the upcoming holiday parties and cannot wait to show off my amazing ensemble. I also love designer jewelry, so my dress, along with a Vivien Westwood necklace and earrings, will make me feel like a princess and look like one, too.

Who is your favorite designer? Take a look at Cruise and leave a comment below telling me what your favorites are!


QueenB said...

oh CUTE shoes- i love them!! pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like the French Connection dresses; with the Spiegal Sequins Gunmetal & Twinkle Tunic Dress - and to accessorize with a Black Suede CHLOE Shoulder Bag.

slehan said...

I wouldn't know a designer outfit if it bit me. Most of my shopping is at thrift stores. I did get a great pair of Gloria jeans there.

Amber Nara said...

Wow, they have some very elegant and unique clothes on this site! I love it, thanks for sharing so I now know they exsist!!

Trisha McKee said...

I did not know about this site- thank you!! They have gorgeous items!

tridingermckee at gmail dot com

daveshir2005 said...

I would love to look good in these. I dress so frumpy.

email/ daveshir2005@yahoo.com
fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

What a beautiful dress. I'm sure it will turn some heads.

Frugal Mom from California said...

I love the look of designer clothes, but have never owned one.

betty baez said...

Wow I love the dress (:( although hubby wouldn't because he doesn't like prints like that) & the shoes are adorable!

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