Fall Is Finally Here & So Is Arby's New Grand Turkey Club #craveability

Fall is finally here, which just happens to be the most beautiful season of all here in the mountains. Here in Ellijay the fall brings many things that our family loves, including the apple season. We always go to the the annual Apple Festival to walk around and see all the unique crafts for sale. After walking around a while, it is time to eat and we have to get caramel apples, the signature dish of the apple festival. These are different from any other caramel apples I've ever had. Instead of on a stick, they are peeled, sliced into small rings and drizzled with the most delicious caramel sauce you have ever tasted. I really do crave them throughout the year and the kids talk about them all year.
I love the box
Speaking of craving foods, our family members are all HUGE Arby's fans. It is our go-to fast food when eating out. Liam, my youngest, is such a picky eater, but Arby's Curly Fries is one of the only things he will always eat. I was so excited to find out Arby's has a new sandwich, the Grand Turkey Club sandwich! We had a chance to give it a try and are happy to report that it is absolutely delicious!!

I usually eat the regular Arby's Sandwiches, so eating the Arby's Grand Turkey Club was quite a change for me and a good change at that. Pulling into the drive-thru, I saw the picture of the new sandwich on the menu board and it looked huge, stacked with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a soft bun. Since trying the Grand Turkey Club, my husband has already stopped by Arby's to eat one for lunch because he enjoyed it so much. He says it is not only delicious, but it fills him up during the day and is just the right amount of food for him.
The kids opted for the usual roast beef sandwiches, but somehow they ended up snacking on MY sandwich and, once it was gone, they were asking for more! I have a feeling we will be purchasing the new Grand Turkey Club many, many times in the future.

Another activity we all enjoy as a family in the fall is going apple picking. There are many apple houses around our home, so we have our pick of great places to go. There is a huge variety of apples that grow here and we can pick them all. Our favorite would have to be Granny Smith apples. It's so fun to walk around and pick apples, but even more fun to reward ourselves afterwards with an apple snack!

What do you crave during the fall season? While you are out enjoying the beautiful fall weather, be sure to stop by Arby's for their new Grand Turkey Club. Then, come back here and let me know what you think. We give it two thumbs up and know you will LOVE it! Click below to "like" Arby's on Facebook and keep up with the latest Arby's news!

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Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Sounds delicious I will have to try this sandwich soon.

sandy1955 said...

This sounds awesome and we have an Arby's right down the street. We'll be checking it out fir sure. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing it
Sandy VanHoey

Priscilla Benavides said...

I think it's awesome that they slice their turkey in store!

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