Halloween Party For Your Children

So the saying goes, “trick or treat, penny or a sweet, give me something nice to eat”. Sound familiar? Halloween is on its way and you want your children and their friends to have a safe yet memorable day.
 If you’re feeling the pressure of hosting the party, fear not your survival guide is here!
Party masks are a great way for children to have some control over who they want to be for the night. It will also reduce conflict of who has spent the most money on their costume. Paper plates, felt tips and elastic bands should be enough for a DIY Halloween costume. 

Make ghosts out of tissue paper and draw on eyes with black felt tip. Wrap string around the ghost’s head and hang it up on the curtain poles or wherever seems appropriate. 
Party Bags
  • Children love treats and let’s face it so do adults so there’s only one thing for it, party bags.
  • Depending on how many people have been invited you can decorate normal plastic bags.
  • Cut out pieces of black card and shape them as bats if you want to save money on party bags. 

  • Avoid that sugar rush and make healthy snacks – for example you can use vegetables to make a skeleton.
  • Rearrange the vegetables so that the head is a round plastic container filled with a dip (of your choice) then place lettuce leaves around it.  Put in two sliced olives for eyes and use celery and cucumbers as the body, baby carrots as arms and so on.
  • Strawberries can make great monsters and all you have to do is decorate them with icing.
  • Slice apples in half and put two together so they are shaped as mouths.
  • Then with a knife cut the remaining parts of the apple into small pieces so they look like teeth.
  • Oranges can be cut into mini pumpkins or if you want just draw on the orange peel.
  • Cut out chunks of carrot and add cream cheese on the top, then for the final touch place half a black olive on top.

  • Red and orange jelly.
  • Place them in clear plastic disposable containers which will save you on washing up and the risk of broken plates.
  • Decorate cupcakes using black and orange icing, the easiest design to decorate them with would be spiders.   

Children can be difficult to keep entertained, as much as we would love for them to sit quietly reading a book and educating themselves. So what can you provide for them at a Halloween party? 

Monster Moves
Play some Michael Jackson thriller or whatever music you think will get the children moving and make them freeze with their favourite monster move. The scariest monster wins, it’s simple. 
Hide and Seek
It’s free, it fits and everyone knows how to play. Just make sure you store your most prized possessions somewhere safe and out of the way.  If there are enough children, how about putting them into groups so they can learn team building skills. 
Bursting Balloons
Depending on the colour scheme you choose, you could put treats into balloons and stick them on the wall. A great idea would be to have a number of orange balloons stuck to your wall.  Arrange the balloons so they are shaped as a pumpkin, and let the games begin!


Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

Great party ideas I'm going to pin this to my Halloween board thank you.

betty baez said...

Love the oranges idea and the bursting balloons thanks!

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