Together Counts Encourages Families To Become More Healthy & Active + 5 Fun Outdoor Activities

This year we've been very lucky with the weather here in Georgia. Spring arrived very early this year and at the beginning of March we've had highs in the 80s already! I'm so happy because we are an outdoor kind of family. We love being outside and, since we live in the mountains, there is always something fun to do. It's so important to stay active as a family, especially for children. Why? Being active benefits children in may ways, including promoting healthy growth and development, building strong bones and muscles, and improving self-esteem! I notice my children are much happier after spending time outside and I think we parents also benefit from getting some fresh air and letting the children burn off some of that extra energy!

There are many ways we stay active with this kids and I highly recommend as a family. Here are 5 ways to stay active outdoors with children this Spring and Summer!

1. Plan a visit to a national or state park! We live close to the Amicalola Falls State Park because there are several hiking trails, beautiful scenery and you can even hike to see the amazing falls. They even have a hike-inn where you hike up part of the mountain and spend the night.

2. Plant a garden! We plant a garden every year. The boys love digging in the dirt and it's great exercise! This year I bought them their own above-ground garden, which is an 8x8 area. They can dig in it, plan flowers and vegetables, etc. Not only is it fun for them, but they learn something from the experience and get to enjoy the results! We have already planted our flowers and have one tomato plant that has several tomatoes already forming.

3. Go fishing! Older kids may actually love to go fishing. We go out to our creek and walk along the rocks. Josiah enjoys casting his reel, but more than anything he just likes playing in the water. Encourage children to look for the fish and find other creatures in the water. We always find clam shells, crayfish and other goodies to tote home with us.
4. Backyard Water Games - We have 2 water tables and the kids go wild with them. You can also get cheap little pools or even just water guns and let them chase each other around. Kids love water!

5. Invest in a bounce house! Last year we went all out and purchased a bounce house. Let me just say it has been totally worth the money. If all else fails, they love bouncing. It's great exercise and something we can do with them, too. Plus, you can save money for birthday parties by just putting up the bounce house. I've seen some as low as $100, so you don't have to spend a bundle.

About Together Counts
How does your family stay active together? Millions of families around the country are pledging to become more healthy and active together through Together Counts. It's a nationwide program encouraging families, as a whole, to remain healthy and active! The principle behind Together Counts is Energy Balance, balancing calories consumed with the calories burned.

Bringing together over 195 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants and more, Together Counts is the first of its kind coalition! Take a look at their amazing website and become inspired to stay healthy and active, too. We just pledged and so should you!

Together Counts Sweepstakes
Right now Together Counts is holding a sweepstakes on their Facebook page to celebrate their very first anniversary! You have the opportunity to win some great prizes, including gift cards, a George Foreman Grill and a membership to Anytime Fitness. I would love to win any of those prizes!! Click HERE to to go to the Together Counts Facebook page. Then click "Sweepstakes" at the top right side of the page to enter.

Together Counts Twitter Party
Like Twitter parties? Join Together Counts on April 3rd at 8-9pm EST to help celebrate Child Nutrition Month! Prizes include $50 gift cards! For more information and to RSVP, click HERE!
Follow Together Counts on Twitter at @TogetherCounts and on Pinterest!


sueparks2003 said...

Another great way bloggers can educate. I luv this post. I also luv the RSV post. Fortunately we have a house that needs almost total remodel but it has a large side and backyard with sun and shade. My kids can do just about anything out there. We are also fortunate to live only 30 miles from a small state park which offers camping and swimming.
Gladys P

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