Finding Goodies Under Car Floor Mats

When I was in college, I luckily had the HOPE Scholarship to pay for my classes, but I was on my own for other expenses like food, gas and my rent. I went to school and then went straight to work at night as a waitress to earn enough money for my bills, but I was always on a budget. Somehow I earned just enough money to make it through each month.

Sometimes I got myself into binds and let's just say my car floor mats saved me time and again. Yes, I said floor mats! As a college student I found that the value of a car mat extends beyond keeping the floors clean. There were several times I found myself without money in the bank, but needed some money for a drink or some gas. I'd search at home, raid my piggy bank and look under couch cushions, but the one place that never failed to produced some extra coins was under my car floor mat! There were always a few spare coins.

Even today, 10 years later, I find myself searching under car floor mats when I need some change. It's really amazing the things you can find under car mats. I've even found a necklace that I'd lost! What have you found under your car mats? Have you ever searched for some extra change underneath your mats?

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Mary B said...

Lol! I feel the same way about a jacket or coat at the beginning of fall/winter. I always find a few dollars hidden away in a pocket that I hadn't searched since the previous year :)

Brittany H said...

Love it! Good for you working hard for college. I'll be checking my mats from now on. :) I usually find coins in drawers. Random drawers. When I'm on the hunt for change I dig through every drawer I can find!

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