Weekly Debate with the Danielles : Birth Control For Teenager Daughters?

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Here's this week's topic:
Birth Control For Teenage Daughters: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

Who hasn't thought about this subject. Even before I had children, I have been very open about sex and sexuality even with my friends. Heck, one of my best friends wanted to become a sex therapist, so it's something we often talked about. I was a very sexually inquisitive teenager and had so many questions, but it was something my parents would NEVER talk about. To even think about it was taboo and, to my parents, a sin. How could I even consider having sex before marriage? 

Just like a typical teenager, I took matters into my own hands and began experimenting. Luckily, I was smart enough to use contraception and my best friend's mom got us birth control. Having been a teenager, I remember all too well the hormones that surge. For that reason I will always, always be upfront with my children about sex. Whenever they ask, I will tell them. 

I think my husband feels the exact same way. Being a juvenile prosecutor in our town, he's seen so many teenagers get pregnant just because they didn't have protection. We've both seen how important it is to have the sex talk and let the kids know they can come to us if they have questions. So, I would absolutely let my daughter get birth control and/or other types of contraception. I would even talk about an IUD, especially if she had periods and cramps like I did as a teenager.

With all of that said, we have boys, so unless I manage to have a little girl next time (crossing fingers!!:), we won't be talking about the pill. Rather, we'll be talking about respecting young ladies and using other types of protection.

How do you feel about having The Talk? Would you let your daughter get birth control?


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow- great (and brave!) topic. I totally agree that being open is key. My parents both talked to me many times about sex as a kid. It was horribly uncomfortable every single time of course, but I think the fact that it was never a taboo topic was important. As a result, I never pushed limits. I was a total goody two shoes. But if my 17 year old came to me after many discussions about sex and wanted birth control, I would hopefully support her. I wouldn't be happy about it but I would be less happy to have her prego FOR SURE!


Anonymous said...

My hose was always very open and honest about sex. I think no matter what the parents rules and morals and values are, not all children will follow. You can have a closed door policy on sex that does not mean your child will not do it. I think it is was better to educated and keep the door open for honest conversation. I would rather know then end up with an oops in my childs life. I remember being about 13 and going to our family doctor and after seeing the doctor my mom asked the doctor to make a note in my file stating that if i ever came in and wanted birth control to give it to me. She said if I wasnt comfortable talking to her about it to just go get it. Now she was not saying ok you are 13 go have sex. She would not have been pleased for me to have sex at 13 but she also did not want me to end up pregnant. When I did decide to have sex I did talk to my mom about it and asked about birth control and what she suggested. Now for some I may have been to young (almost 17) But the fact of the matter was no matter what she said, no matter what rules she had I was going to do it, and she realized this as the truth. I will never shut the door on my daughter to speak openly and honestly about sex. She is only 5 months now so im hoping to have 17 years but I plan to do the same thing with her as I was taught. I had a friend whos parents did not believe in talking about sex and at 17 to scared to get birth control because her mom may find out she got pregnant. Whats more upsetting birth control or a baby? Everyone may not agree with me but to me the day my daughter asks about birth control is the day she will get it.

jill24295 said...

I think that a close relationship between mother and daughter involves many things, one of which is honesty. If a teenager is honest enough to say, I think I need birth control, it a good idea to allow them to have it. We are not with them 24/7 and this can be our way of showing them trust on our end. We have to believe if we raised them with the best values possible, then they will hopefully make a good decision. But if they do decide to have sex, they are not ready to be parents and we need to look out for their best interests there.

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