Friendly Debates with the Danielles Weekly Link-Up: Infant/Toddler Banning At Restaurants

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It's time for yet another interested and friendly debate with the Danielles! This week they bring the controversial question of restaurants banning infants and toddlers. What's your opinion? We'd all love to know. Just click here to find out all the info on how your blog can participate. Don't have a blog or time to write a post, leave me a comment with your thoughts. I love reading these responses!
So, without further ado, here's my Q&A for the week!

Banning Infants/Toddlers from Restaurants: Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

 I have to think back to the days before I had children and (ducking my head), I have to say Yay in some instances. If I'm going out for a romantic dinner and spending over $100, I want it to be quiet, romantic, and relaxing. No crying babies or toddlers flinging food at the table next to me!! I have never taken my children to Five and Ten or Speakeasy, two of my favorite restaurants in Athens, GA and don't think I've ever even seen a child at either. Maybe some children enjoy pan-seared duck and five-course meals and tapas that span over 2 hours, but I'd say most would be ready to run around the restaurant after a good 30 minutes. 

With that said, if I'm going to eat at Olive Garden, Chilis or some other "family restaurant", I think it would be insane to even try banning small children and infants. With this economy many of said restaurants are having trouble staying above water. If they wipe out the whole family aspect they having going, what's left? I don't see the upper-crust of society dining at Red Lobster for a delicious, romantic dinner comparable to Four Seasons. Seriously, I'm not knocking Red Lobster (and I enjoy eating there with my family), but I don't see it becoming highly rated on the Zagat anytime soon.

Okay, I'll end my rant! I know it is sometimes necessary to bring kids along, even on a date, but who'd even want to spend $200 on a romantic dinner with a child at the table? Not me! I'd want to save my money and go when we can get a babysitter. I don't get romantic dates with the hubs much any more, so I'd want to make the most of the night.

What do you think? How would you feel if toddlers and infants were banned from certain restaurants? Yay or Nay?

**For next week's topic, how about regifting, medicating children for ADD/ADHD or using the tv as a babysitter/how long children watch tv? **


Lori B said...

Every establishment takes a risk when they try to narrow down potential clientele in the likelihood that their choice (in this case) no kids will make them more attractive to other (and hopefully more) clients. On the flip side, many restaurants choose to make themselves a "FAMILY" friendly as possible. We, the consumer, can CHOOSE accordingly.

I truly don't have a problem with that! There are times where Mr Mouse & I would definitely choose a no kids establishment and of course there are times when we'd choose differently.

It's just another chose to factor into our decision on where to eat. I wouldn't go to Hunan Chinese Gardens if I were dying for an excellent Mexican meal. Factoring atmosphere into the decision is just another way to narrow down how we want to spend our very hard earned "evening out" dollars.

The Freebie Junkie said...

I wouldn't say ban but maybe have special nights for parents and special nights for couples. Parent's need time out as well as family time.

Heavenly Shadow said...

I think 'banning' is first of all illegal it's basically discrimination. Children just don't sit still. As parents we still deserve a night out. Or atleast a special night where they children can run around and interact with each other

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