2012 Valentine's Day Gift Guide & New Additions

I wanted to do something special this year for Valentine's Day, so please welcome Children Teaching Mama's 1st Annual Valentine's Day Gift Guide! Click HERE to take a look at all the fun gift suggestions for this Valentine's Day. Make your loved ones very happy with a gift basket from LUSH Cosmetics, a Vinturi wine aerator and much, much more! Nothing is priced over $60, so everything is very affordable, too.

For the month of February, I'll have the button to the Valetine's Gift Guide available on the left sidebar. You can click on it to visit the guide anytime. There may be more gifts added over the next week. In addition, one of my blog designers is working on a brand-new toolbar for the blog! It will feature a drop-down menu so you can link to all the important areas of the blog (giveaways, events, disclosures, etc.). We'll also be adding a new Giveaway area so you can more easily access all current giveaways!


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