2012 Family Goals & Resolutions

Skye from Real Mom Reviews recently posted her 2012 Personal Goals and it inspired me to write mine down, too. Perhaps it will help me stay with my goals and be more likely to complete them!

  1. Pay off my credit card
  2. Start saving money for our first trip to Disney World (Josiah is dying to go. He watches that travel planning DVD every week!)
  3. Make a Pinterest and Figure it out.
  4. Start using StumbleUpon.
  5. Sort out clothing and toys to donate. We have way too many.
  6. Get my daily deals site off the ground and running.
  7. Keep enough money in my account to purchase a back-up computer just in case this one dies on me unexpectedly.
  8. Get to 5,000 GFC Followers & 10,000 Likes/Follows on Facebook and Twitter
  9. Get Josiah sleeping in his own bed!!! 
  10. Move the blog over to Wordpress
  11. Make date nights with the hubs at least once a month without the kiddos!
  12. Get a gym membership and get in shape! I ask for one every Christmas/birthday and no one gets one for me. It's time to take matters into my own hands. 
I think that's about it! What are your Goals and Resolutions for 2012! Are you determined to stick with them this year? Hopefully we'll all have good luck completing all of our important goals!


SalemMomma said...

Great goals! I love Pinterest, but I find that I have to limit my time there, it's so easy to get buried in pins!

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