Upcoming CSN Lighting Giveaway Announcement

A few months before Liam was born we moved into a new house, which meant for the very first time I had free reign over decorating each room! I was so excited to finally have a real baby room with designs on the walls and all the d├ęcor! My 3 year old son’s room is now decorated in cars and trucks and Liam’s is decorated in woodland creatures! Most of the items were easy to find except the lighting! I looked in several places for the perfect lamps and a ceiling fan, but even when I found something I liked, the price was outrageous!
The selection of items available on CSN lighting is just as impressive as the other CSN stores, with thousands upon thousands of anything related to lighting. It's so impressive! If only I had found this website when originally looking for decorations my life would have been so much easier! I went to so many different stores, but I could have saved so much time.
Sean from CSN Stores contacted me a few weeks ago to offer my readers a $60 gift credit. I know some of you may not currently be in the market for new lighting, but don't despair; there are over 200 CSN stores with just about anything and everything you could possibly think of... even cloth diapers. :)
Take a look around their stores and get acquainted with all of the wonderful items. Be sure to definitely check out the lighting store, too! Believe me, you want to start picking out what you’d like to purchase if you win because it will take quite a while to narrow down your selection!
In the very near future, the giveaway will be posted so, be sure to check back soon!  
***In the meantime, IF you purchase something from CSN lighting any time starting now until the end of the giveaway, earn 10 extra entries***


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