DiaperVine Cloth Diaper Starter Kit Giveaway - Everything You Will Need!

Remember back to the days when you first considered cloth diapering? I remember all too well the endless hours of research I spent only to come away from the computer even more confused! Lyndsay Beaulieu, cloth diapering Mama and owner of DiaperVine on-line cloth diaper shop, also experienced the same confusion before hesitantly purchasing her first diapers online.
After experimenting with several different cloth diaper brands, she decided to pass on her knowledge to other parents interested in cloth diapering. Thus, the creation of DiaperVine! She hosts cloth diaper workshops, showing Mamas that the days of pins and plastic covers exist no longer. Her guests enjoy actually being able to see the diapers instead of randomly purchasing them online and hoping for the best. For those of us not able to drive out to Arizona, DiaperVine also has an education center including virtual workshops with several informative videos, FAQ and more!
Lyndsay's husband serves in the Army. He deployed in June and will not be back for an entire year. They have two beautiful little girls that keep her on the go! As a military family, she is so grateful for all the help they’ve received from others over the years. She feels so blessed with her wonderful friends and family that she now wants to pay forward that help to someone else in need.How?Well....
Enter to Win
DiaperVine is currently running a contest for a cloth diapering starter kit. One lucky family will receive EVERYTHING they need to begin cloth diapering!!! To enter all you need to do is share your story about a deserving family who should get free cloth diapers or share your own story and nominate yourself.
Please go to DiaperVine and register to win.
***In addition, you will receive 5 entries into all the giveaways during the July Summer event!***


@Home-Mom said...

I don't know if anyone else is getting an error but after hitting submit I get an error stating the form or page doesn't exist or is temp down

Lyndsay said...

I think it must have been temporarily down! I just did a test and it went through okay. Let me know if you have any other problems and I will get it fixed ASAP! Thanks for checking out the site!


earthlymama said...

Definitely let us know if you get this message, too! We'll make sure it's back up and ready for you to submit! :)

fancygrlnancy said...

I nominated a friend... thanks!

simplymerry said...

entered my... brother! :)

(he and his wife are expecting their first)

Chany said...

I nominated a friend!

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