Blogmania Event Participant Announcement

Hi! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. The other day I was emailed about a somewhat new event called Blogmania. It's a twice yearly party featuring hundreds blogs and thousands of dollars in prizes! The event is only held for two days so, it really is like a party, from September 15-16th. No giveaway will be worth less than $100, too!
I'm happy to announce that Children Teaching Mama was selected to participate in Blogmania! I am currently searching for co-partners and sponsors at the moment, but rest assured that I'll have a great giveaway... or two! Each blog will have their own theme for the event. My theme is 'An All-Natural Baby Party!" so, I'll have all organic and eco-friendly items in the giveaway(s)!
If you are interested in your blog participating, check out the participation page linked above. I suggest getting to know the blogs and sponsors listed thus far. The list will be updated every day with new sponsors/giveaways along with discount codes and other Blogmania info!
As many of you may know, I am also hosting a new event for September, too, so we'll have an event within an event. :) It should make for an interesting month! I will post about the upcoming August giveaway event this weekend so, come take a look later on!
Have a great weekend!


Diabetic Snacker Product Reviews said...

I'm also in blogmania this year & your numbers are very low. I'm excited to say that there are already 175 blogs participating and the prizes total right now over $20,000! Thought you would want to know because it is exciting! barb of Diabetic Snacker http://diabeticsnacker.blogspot.com/ and http://hooklessshowercurtains.blogspot.com Both are in blogmania!

earthlymama said...

Oh! I just wrote what was on the blogmania website. Thanks for letting me know! I will change it right now. :) I was just accepted so, I am still learning about everything! Seems like they have a lot going on!

Bree said...

I am a blog host on blogmania as well. It's fun...I am following you! www.BreeBee.com (oh, check out my PAGE tab for twitter party details coming up for blogmania :).

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