Wordless Wednesday: Eyes Wide Shut

This weekend we went to Lexi's 6th Birthday Party! Out of the 3 pictures taken, guess how many times Josiah had his eyes open?
Not for this one!

About half open! lol
He's definitely his Papa's boy! The Hubs NEVER has his eyes open in pictures. Oh well! Josiah had a great time and absolutely loves Chuck E. Cheese, much to my chagrin. Now he's saying he wants his birthday party to be there. Noooo! He is frightened of the "scary mouse that lives in the ceiling" AKA Chuck E. Cheese. Tell me I can use that to my advantage?!? Or is that just evil? Please let the boy change his mind! :)
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shannon said...

you need one of those cameras that you can just hold the button down and it will snap-snap-snap pictures like wildfire. then, you're sure to come out with one eyes open.

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

Is he trying to close his eyes? It kind of looks like it in the top pic. Good shots all the same!

A Lot of Loves - Wednesday of Few Words

Maya said...

haha good luck with convincing him otherwise! :-p


Woman Tribune said...

Haha! Those are hilarious pictures, thanks for sharing!


Sue said...

Aww..cute, hard to get them to keep their eyes open.

My daughter went to a party there, and then wanted her's there, but I talked her out of that - lol!

Happy WW♥

Kristi said...

My husband has the same problem! It drives me bananas! lol Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up. Have a great day!

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

earthlymama said...

Marilyn- I really do think he purposely closes his eyes a lot of times... and when he's not trying, it still happens. lol

TIFFANY said...

My kids love Chuck E Cheese too. We just make sure that we don't go on Saturday afternoon when everyone else is there too!

Lori... said...

Too cute!
I have a "squinter" so I know about challenging photos.

Kailani said...

Chuck E Cheese is always my kids 1st choice for birthdays. At first I dreaded it. But I've grown to appreciate how easy and inexpensive it is to have a birthday party there! LOL!

An Island Life

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