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I am so excited about this wonderful Spring weather we are finally enjoying! The skies can't quite decide if they are ready to remain warm and clear or cool and cloudy so, we definitely fill our sunny days with outside fun! In honor of these nice Spring days, here's this week's top ten list:

Top 10 Spring Fun Activities With Your Kiddos

10. Go to a baseball game - Josiah has enjoyed going to baseball games since before he could even walk. He just likes being outdoors, seeing all the people, and briefly watching the game. We've yet to take him to a Braves game, though we may venture out this year. Take your little ones to a high school baseball or softball game as a trial. It's cheaper and they still get just as excited! Plus, they can run around and aren't stuck sitting in the bleachers. 

9. Take A Walk Around the Neighborhood - If you have nothing else to do, get out the trusty stroller and go on a nice walk! The Spring air makes little ones sleepy and a walk is great for toddlers to get out that extra energy right before naptime! 
8. Boil the Crab Outside - Have you heard of boiling the crab? When Josiah was younger and would get fussy more often, I would fill the bathtub with water, bubbles, and toys and plop him in! Works every time to relieve that fussiness! Not only can you boil the crab inside, but now that the warm weather is approaching, you can do this outside, too! You can buy a cheap wadding pool or even a water table. Water+Outside = Instant Happiness! (FYI- The water from the spigot is usually extremely cold so, get a few pitchers of warm water to add to the mix OR let the water sit in the sun so it can warm up!)

7. Take the kids fishing - Okay, I'm not big into fishing either, but the idea of watching Josiah's face light up as we cast the lure and wait impatiently for it to snag just makes me want to go. Plus, those mini fishing poles are just adorable. Buy a hat and a tackle box for some really cute pictures! I don't plan on actually catching any fish and if we do, they are getting thrown back in, but it's guaranteed fun. Again, water=fun!

6. Plant A Garden - Spray on the SPF and head out to the yard. We went to Home Depot and bought a few garden supplies for only $1 each, some seeds, some flowers, and a few tomato plants. Josiah has been in heaven digging in the dirt and making a mess. Plus, it's so much fun to pick items when they are ready. Our strawberries are almost in and we can't wait! There's a pic!

5. Picnic At A Local Park Or Playground - Pack up some sandwiches, drinks, cloth "paper" towels, a blanket, a camera, and hit the road! Here in the south tomato sandwiches are a Spring and Summer favorite along with watermelon. Yum! After the picnic let the kids go crazy on the playground or running around the park. Don't forget to bring old bread if your park has ducks. That's Josiah's favorite part!
4. Camp Out - Whether you go to the mountains, the beach, or even your backyard, any kid 1+ is sure to enjoy this one! We somehow lost our tent when we moved and are about to purchase a new one. With kids I recommend at least a 6 person tent because there really isn't much room in there, especially if you have 2 kids! You can roast marshmallows, watch the fireflies, and tell stories!
3. Host A Cookout - Who doesn't enjoy a good cookout? Invite friends and family over, sit on the back porch, drink in hand, while flipping food on the grill and watching all the kids play in the yard! We are having a cookout this Sunday. Come on by, everyone! :) There's the Hubs by his trusty grill!

2. Go Hiking - You have an infant? Buy a Moby Wrap! It's affordable and works very well to support baby and your back while you hike up and down trails! A few weeks after Liam was born we headed to Amicalola Falls, one of many family friendly Georgia State Parks. State parks offer a variety of trails, from beginner to expert! Even if you don't want to hike a long distance, enjoy the scenery and have a picnic. They are beautiful, especially in the spring and fall. Search for your state parks on google and plan a day trip!

1. Plan A Weekend Trip To A National Park - Can you tell I am a fan of parks? National Parks are particularly educational, noting historical sights, battlegrounds, and monuments! It's a beautiful way to spend a day, and also help fund the National Park Service. They are located all around the US so, there will surely be one within driving distance! Some parks, State and National, have campgrounds and cabins! Cabins provide the necessities and are completely affordable, at around $45 here in Georgia, depending on the park. (This pic was taken on the tram in Gatlinburg, TN, overlooking the Great Smokey Mountains National Park!) Also, look around on the site for free park days with no entrance fees and special events!


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