Top Ten Tuesday

I've realized how difficult it really is to come up with these top ten lists and maybe this is why Danielle put hers on hiatus for the time being. Can't say I blame her!

Top 10 Things I Never Knew Until Josiah Turned 2

10. Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is like Being at a gym 24/7!  Once Josiah started walking, he shortly after began running and never slowed down again. In the span of about 3 months I lost 15 pounds and was skinnier than before I had him... until I got preggo again! :)
9. And You Thought Your House was Loud Before! Be prepared for a rise in the decibel level once again, especially when another little one is down for a nap. It's amazing how frequently that happens! Be prepared:
8. You Become an All-Purpose Wipe. As if you weren't already constantly wiping runny noses, heinies, and other messes, be prepared to become the human tissue! Never before did I realize a shirt could serve as something other than clothing. Another great investment:
7. The Days of Loud Music Are Dust in the Wind. There were times in the past when I got the opportunity to go somewhere alone, immediately blasting some music with the windows down, but now? Josiah wants to go any and everywhere with me. No more loud music. I am officially a Mom.
6. Potty Training Requires Work! I'm not sure what I imagined. Maybe that Josiah would magically be ready to sit on the potty, forgo the actual training, and be done with dipes. Instead, I've not only ended up training him, but myself as well. It's a process, especially with boys!
5. Get Ready to Possibly Read More Than You Have in Years! I'm not complaining about this one, but I never knew how much toddlers love to lay in bed with a parent and read. It's hard to put Josiah to sleep at night because he wants to "read just one more, Mama"! What all parents need:
4. Turkey Sandwiches Every Day! Get ready for a repetitious breakfast/lunch/dinner routine. Once your toddler finds something they like, they want it ALL THE TIME!
3. What's Mine Is Yours. Oh, did you want that last piece of toast? Too bad! I made a pretzel for lunch today and by the end I got about half of it because Liam wanted to chew on a piece and Josiah had to eat what Liam was eating. Poor Mama!
2. Training Pants are NOT Diapers! Bring An Extra Set of Clothes! One pee and they are absolutely ready to explode. I learned this the hard way!
1. Kids Say the Darndest Things! At first your little ones start saying the cutest, silliest little things. You run to get the camcorder or jot it down in a journal or post it on facebook! Then one day you stump your toe, blurt out the S word and two days later, playing on the floor with your little one it happens- your little one becomes a genius, recalling the one word you wish they hadn't. Or you are out in public and your toddler picks that moment to point out "boobies" or some other equally embarrassing subject. Watch what you say because it WILL come back to haunt you!


D said...

Good times to look forward to! I got inspired this week, but I won't declare the hiatus officially over yet - it is tough! :)


Buzzfloyd said...

Things to look forward to here, too! Number 3 is already a reality, though. *sigh*

shannon said...

regarding #7 - doesn't he like going to his grandma's for the night or something? and there are always the outdoor concerts like athfest that you can both attend. kids dancing at concerts is the best.

love #5 and especially your endorsement of libraries!

Annie said...

#8 is so true!! LOL You really do become an all purpose whipe! That is hilarious!

earthlymama said...

shan- he goes over to his grandma's maybe 2x a month at the most to spend the night so, we really don't get a lot of alone time. You are right about concerts, though! Josiah loves music, but Liam, on the other hand, is very sensitive to loud noises. That's why I am taking them to kindermusik! :)

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