Sickness Be Gone This Flu Season with CVS MinuteClinic #MC #sponsored @MinuteClinic

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday or Sunday morning to a sore throat, earache or some other sickness? Or maybe going to the doctor is just a total inconvenience and expensive! I woke up one weekend with the worst earache of my life and needed to get treated for it as soon as possible. Of course, my doctor's office was closed and I really didn't want to spend all the money for a visit to the ER or urgent care. The day I had my earache, I drove to my local CVS Pharmacy with a MinuteClinic, signed up and was seen only 15 minutes later. It was, by far, the quickest I'd been seen and treated for my sickness. The nurse practitioner took a look, prescribed me an antibiotic and I was on my way... to the back of the store to fill my prescription at the pharmacy! That day, I learned that the MinuteClinic was the perfect choice for our family when searching for affordable, convenient and quick treatment.
With cold, cough and flu being prevalent this time of year, I love knowing that CVS and MinuteClinic is there just in case we need it. Josiah, my 6 year-old is in the first grade this year and germs are everywhere. He's already been sick twice and had a cough several times. I worry each time that it could be something more than a cold. Just two days ago, my nephew came home from school and wasn't feeling well. Yesterday, he was diagnosed with the flu, something I am really hoping the rest of us won't catch from him! This made me really start thinking about the flu and how to tell the difference between a cold and flu. It's such important information to know just in case you or your little ones aren't feeling well. No one wants the flu, especially during the holidays. Here's a really helpful chart that can help you distinguish between the two:
If one person gets sick in our home, chances are we will ALL get sick and that calls for many hours of wait time in doctors' offices. This is especially frustrating this time of year since everyone is getting sick and it takes days to be seen by a doctor. What should we do if our pediatrician is unavailable? Head to our nearest MinuteClinic, of course, and that is exactly what we do! Their clinic is staffed by board-certified nurse practitioners and physicians assistants to diagnose, treat and prescribe a variety of common illnesses, including strep, ear infections, pink eye and UTIs. Once treated, you can get your prescriptions filled at the pharmacy and pick up any other needed items like Kleenex for the sniffles. How convenient is that? Not to mention, MinuteClinic is open 7 days a week and also opened for evening hours, which is perfect for those who work or are busy during the day! You can even call to check wait times to make sure there isn't a huge line.

How do you stay  healthy during this cold winter months? If you've visited a MinuteClinic, please tell us about your experience! Also, be sure to follow them on Twitter at @MinuteClinic.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.


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