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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Since having children, I have become much more conscious about the types of products we use, the foods we eat and the medicines we take. Of course, I only want the best for my children and, being the bookworm that I am, I immediately started studying and educating myself about products, ingredients and safety. We began watching the types of product we purchased, our main change was to purchase mostly products with natural ingredients. I thought this would be a great first step and a perfect way to avoid artificial ingredients, flavoring and other harmful chemicals. One of our favorite go-to brands when the kids are sick is Little Remedies. We've purchased many of their products over the years because they are made with natural ingredients and without alcohol, artificial flavoring and artificial coloring.  When I was asked by Mom Central to participate in a new campaign by Little Remedies, "Say Yes To Less", I was immediately interested and had to find out more. The idea behind this campaign is to encourage families to cut back on unnecessary things in life by making a 30-day pledge to make these changes. Not only can families begin living a more natural life, but Little Remedies will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish for the first 100,000 people who take the "Say Yes to Less" pledge!
There were several options for pledges, including saying yes to less sugar, distractions, waste and negativity. I chose to say yes to less sugar. With two children, one of which is in school, we haven't been watching what we eat as closely as we once did and I thought this was a very important change to make as a family. My first step was to take a look at our kitchen and see what items needed to go. I found cookies, leftover Halloween candy, cereals and juice that had more sugar than any of us needed in our daily diet. Not to mention, several of these items were not made of natural ingredients. We tossed those items and went to the grocery store to purchase products and have been much more conscious about the foods we purchase. Since beginning the pledge about 2 weeks ago, I've noticed my children seem happier and less tired at night after a day of work and play. During this time they have not experienced any sickness and, during flu season when so many other kids are sick, this has really been wonderful for us. Watch my video about our pledge below!
Speaking of the flu season, we have to take extra special care when trying to stay healthy. With Liam's health issues and being on chemotherapy, we take any measures we can to keep germs to a minimum in our house. What do we do? Here are 4 of my tips for preventing the spread of germs during the cold and flu season.

1. Keep those hands clean. We always wash hands as soon as we walk in the front door to get rid of any germs we've picked up outdoors, at the store and/or at school. We also wash hands before meals and snacks.

2. Get plenty of rest. My kids just aren't themselves if they don't get enough sleep each night. This can really effect attention at school, attitude and health.

3. Take Vitamins/Probiotics. We take a daily vitamin along with probiotics to keep our immune system ready to fight any sickness that may attack.

4. Clean toys weekly! I like to clean off the toys each week to minimize the germs that can be transferred from them, especially when we have visitors. You never know what germs are on their little hands! I use a water/vinegar mixture with essential oils like tea tree oil which has antibacterial properties.

Yes, kids do inevitably get sick, though, and we've already been through it twice since school started in August. We don't immediately go to cold medicines and antibiotics because I've found that most of the time they are unnecessary. Most of the time the body just needs a little time to heal and that's where Little Remedies products have been very helpful. We love their Saline Spray/Drops, which we have used since Josiah was a baby and helps greatly with stuffy noses so they can breath much better. Liam unfortunately gets temperatures quite often due to his chemotherapy treatments and we are allowed to give him acetaminophen when needed. Unlike other products that uses unneeded artificial coloring and flavoring, Little Remedies Infant Pain/Fever Reliever safely lowers temperatures without using artificial colors, flavors, alcohol, saccharin or gluten! We've always been pleased with the Little Remedies and grateful for such quality all-natural products for our children. I love having an alternative to other medicines and they've really helped us with making the steps to "Say Yes to Less"!

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


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