Keep Your Tablets & Phones Covered With The Snugg

Not to long ago, the boys were playing with my iPad and it fell the the ground... on the concrete. I gasped and thought for sure it had broken, but luckily it survived the fall. Since then, I have been on the lookout for a great case and when I found The Snugg, I knew it was perfect!

The Snugg is available for iPads, Kindles, smartphones and more. We received the Snugg iPad 2 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Blue Leather.They actually come in several different colors, but blue is Josiah's favorite. What I love about this case cover is that it looks professional and keeps my iPad well-protected, especially when the boys are playing with it.
In addition to being a great case cover, The Snugg also has a flip stand. Since we often watch movies and shows on the iPad, this is perfect for us. The flip stand easily slides into place for usage and is ready to go. This would also be perfect for presentations or video calls. When finished, just slide it out and you can cover up the iPad again. There is even a stylus look, so you can keep the stylus nearby and have it when needed.
One thing I noticed about The Snugg as soon as I started using it was that the case automatically activates the iPad's sleep and wake functioning. So, when I am finished with the iPad, I just have to shut the case and it will auctomatically shut down. Then, when I pick up my iPad in the morning to use it, as soon as I open the case, the start screen pops on and I am ready to go! I loves this feature because it helps reserve the battery power. Since we use my iPad throughout the day, this really helps the battery go for longer.

My old iPad cover had many issues, including that many of the side function buttons were covered. It was quite annoying when trying to turn up volume or try to take a photo. Luckily, The Snugg is specifically designed to leave all connection ports and buttons easily accessible, so you can reach those without a problem.
Josiah playing while the iPad charges!
For on-the-go use, there is a hand strap on the back, so you can hold the iPad steady. My kids enjoy watching shows when on long car trips, so they can slide a hand in the back so it doesn't bounce around or fall in the floor if we hit a bump. This is a great feature that Josiah loves!

Do you need a new case for your tablet or smart phone? Take a look at The Snugg! I am sure you will be pleased. The iPad 2 case is actually on sale right now for $29.99, so be sure to check them out. They even offer a Lifetime Guarantee and they are protected by the Snugg Promise.


QueenB said...

wow- that's an amazing price for a nice ipad case! i'll have to look into this when my ipad is fixed :(

Sandy VanHoey said...

Love this product and my daughter could certainly use one for her iphone. Glad to hear that there is openings for buttons you use because we had that issue before as well. Thanks for sharing!

Robin O said...

This looks much better than any covers we have now. Thanks for sharing the photos and review. I'll look into getting one!

Amy said...

I wonder if my step daughter needs a case for her ipad..... that looks like a great case

Zephyr Hill Blog said...

I like the flip stand feature a lot, especially for viewing videos and movies!

Robin Wilson said...

I just got an ipad and have nothing to keep it in. This is just the thing to carry it in. Would make it so much easier to use while getting infusions.

jamie braun said...

i cant believe how great the price is for this! ive been looking for a good cover for my daughters tablet and they can run up to $80!

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