Fun Time At Braves Night With Aflac Blood Disorders & Cancer Center

Last Thursday, Liam and Josiah put on their new t-shirts and we headed into chemo for the day. They were excited, not for the usual doctor's visit, but because we were going to their first Braves game that night! Thanks to the Aflac Blood Disorders and Cancer Center, we had the amazing opportunity to go to a Braves game and have an awesome time.
When we first got there, it was time for dinner! The catered dinner included delicious hotdogs and hamburgers, which happens to be Liam's favorites. He was so happy to see his "friends", the nurses from the hospital, there to share in the fun. They also painted faces!
Josiah was excited because ice cream was for desert! He was in heaven, for sure. Here's my little red-head having a great time after dinner:
Then, the boys got a huge surprise when Tim Hudson stopped by to sign their baseballs and take pictures! Liam had no idea who he was, but that didn't stop him from hopping up on his lap, making silly faces and laughing with him. We got some great photos with "Huddy"!
After dinner, the game was about to begin, so we took our seats in the stadium and watched the first pitch. The boys were captivated! Not only did they enjoy the game, but all of the music and entertainment in between innings. They'd watched games on tv, but they quickly learned that going to a live game is so much more fun. There were funny films on the screen, music clips, the kiss-cam and, of course, the Tomahawk Chop! They both got foam tomahawks to do the chop and, no matter what they were doing, when the Tomahawk Chop started around the stadium, they stopped, picked up their tomahawks and started chopping away. It was so cute!
The boys had such a wonderful time and it was all thanks to The Aflac Blood Disorders & Cancer Center. We are so thankful for Liam's amazing doctors and nurses. They make all the difference in the world! The boys would never admit it, but they were so tired. In fact, Papa had to carry Liam on his shoulders all the way to the car.
This was definitely a night we will never forget! A special thanks to everyone who made this night possible!


Robin Wilson said...

It looks like it was a wonderful event loved by everyone! I think that it is great that there are events like this as otherwise I am sure a lot of the kids might not be able to attend. You have a beautiful family and I wish all of you the best! Kind regards ~ Robin

jamie braun said...

what a great time for such deserving kids! looks like they all had a blast!

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